The cutest thing about dogs is when they think that they have found some “treasure” and they want to share it with you. It’s absolutely heart-warming watching them bring home their “presents” and gift them to you – but really it’s just random items that make no sense. Still, it’s the thought that counts and we could not be more in awe of these precious pups that decided to give their owners random junk. At least their hearts are in the right place.

1. Freedom for the house elves

Photo: Imgur

This dog definitely knows what’s up in the wizarding world – maybe that’s why he has a habit of presenting people with socks? One can only speculate.

2. A clump of dirt equates love

Photo: Reddit

3. Sherlock Hounds

Picture: Imgur

As the person who posted wrote, “Out camping a few weekends back and while setting up the tent, I look over at my girlfriend’s dog and see this.” We think the pipe makes him look very much like Sherlock Holmes. It’s adorable.

4. Snack attack

Picture: Imgur

As the owner shared, “My dog, Aspen always grabs things out of the pantry and brings them to us with this face.” It’s never a wrong time for snacking.

5. The collection of sticks

Picture: Imgur

“My dog always brings back a souvenir from his walks…” And from what we can see, this little pooch has been quite busy walking.

6. Mom, can we keep him?

Picture: Imgur

There is nothing more adorable than a dog in a basket, except maybe a dog holding a dog in a basket. This is definitely one adorable find at the groomers.

7. Dog Nurse

Picture: Imgur

Sometimes, the finds that our dogs bring us aren’t always rarities that baffle us. Sometimes they’re their own toys, which they present to make us feel better, as this dog owner said, “Been sick all weekend, my dog brings me her toys to keep me company.”

8. Pillow talk

Picture: Imgur

Some people’s dogs fetch them their slippers and newspaper when they come home. But as this person wrote, “My dog always brings me a pillow when I get home.” Personally, a pillow for a well-deserved nap sounds like the much better option.

9. Am I helping?

Picture: Imgur

“My dog brings me things out of my toolbox randomly hoping it’ll be something I need. Sometimes, it works.” And that is perhaps the cutest assistant ever. We’d be doing more building projects if we had that face helping us.

10. The perfect stick

Picture: Imgur

To be fair, if you were this dog, why wouldn’t you want to take this stick home? It’s the ultimate find for a dog – it’s the dog equivalent of finding vintage Mugler in a Goodwill – you don’t question whether it’s your size or not, you buy it!


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