1. The couch is going to get very spiky very soon.

Image Credit: pulchritude022 via Imgur

2. So nice having a young puppy around the house.

Image Credit: Rstevens009 via Reddit

3. Road trip buddies!

Image Credit: via Imgur

4. Old friends

Image Credit: JC84909 via Reddit

5. A dainty perch.

Image Credit: via Imgur

6. They’re a cute couple, but the PDA is a bit much.

Image Credit: missoybeanqueen via Reddit

7. “This is my life now.”

Image Credit: azgaroux via Reddit

8. The most helpfulest doggo of all time.

Image Credit: kneelingsolvesproblems via Imgur

9. Perfect timing.

Image Credit: Partyingmanbear via Reddit

10. He’ll grow out of it.

Image Credit: like_big_mutts via Reddit

11. Bathroom patrol checking in.

Image Credit: NYR99 via Reddit

12. So cozy.

Image Credit: BaconNCaffeine via Reddit

13. Pug: a classic hot dog topping.

Image Credit: savagecat via Imgur

14. “Yes, I’m very comfortable, thank you.”

Image Credit: JeffreeyRodriguez via Reddit

15. Having a little snooze.

Image Credit: Brighteyed0510 via Imgur

16. Big squish do little squish a squash.

Image Credit: Pokeia via Reddit

Source: cuteness

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