We can call them “Little monsters!” “These monsters are not bad as we think!” “Open for your thoughts!”

1. Their smiles are the scariest thing you could ever see.

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2. They’re too vicious to cuddle with.

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3. You can’t trust them to be gentle, even with a piece of watermelon.

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4. They really aren’t that cute as puppies.

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5. And they just become uglier with age.

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6. They’re always grumpy.

@flying_fur / Via Twitter: @flying_fur

7. They have ZERO capacity for love.

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8. They absolutely HATE going on car rides.

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9. And just the sight of them strikes terror within other animal species.

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10. Their bugged-out eyes aren’t cute at all.

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11. And their ears are totally ridiculous.

Reddit / apazjoker / Via reddit.com

12. They never calm down, not even for a minute.

Reddit / chanellelois / Via reddit.com

13. And never want to go on fun outdoor adventures.

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14. They can’t stand bellyrubs.

Reddit / lifesakrust / Via reddit.com

15. And walks? No thank you!

Reddit / Molten Lava Pup / Via reddit.com

16. In conclusion, chihuahuas are yappy, annoying dogs who are always hyper.

Reddit / Via reddit.com

17. And they have zero chill. I mean, who would ever want one?

Reddit / TinaTinyTunafish / Via reddit.com

Source: buzzfeed

  1. I have two chihuahuas they are loving gentle playful obedient love cuddles and kisses sleep in our bed with us one on my hip and one behind me in the small of my back love working for treats mine our brother and sister

  2. That’s not nice at all Chihuahuas are the most precious dogs and their beautiful and they’re sweet and their kind and lovable I’m very protective your the one who has a problem maybe you’re the one who has bug eyes I love dogs a lot and none of them are ugly they’re all beautiful

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