These dog memes will have you cracking up if you’ve ever had a furry friend. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the new portion of Chihuahua memes!

How does a Japanese Chihuahua say hello?


Sometimes dogs are just the dopiest creatures possible. There is almost no limit to the chaos they create, all in an attempt to make the most of life and try and fail to show you how much they love you by letting you return to a house that resembles a war zone. Yet they are, above all, just wholly innocent, gormless floofs that keep us entertained for hours. Keep the jokes coming and laughter rolling with even more hysterical hounds, or take a look at these dogs that have no idea they aren’t cute little puppies anymore.

Let us see some Chihuahua memes


dog meme of a chihuahua dog looking scared next to a banana
dog meme about chihuahua dog being jealous of owner kissing another dog

3 So if you need a chuckle today, read one :

dog meme about entering pools while short with photo of swimming chihuahua dog

dog meme about getting mad your friends ignore you with pic of chihuahua dog squinting angrily


dog meme about becoming your dog's secretary with picture of chihuahua dog looking glammed up

dog meme of a chihuahua dog dressed in tiny sombrero
dog meme of chihuahua dog wearing hot dog costume to keep it from escaping during walks
  • 17dog meme about getting excited for food with pics of chihuahua dog licking its nose and grinning
  • 18dog meme about thinking deeply with pics of chihuahua dog squinting its eyes
  • 19dog meme about being small and taking up a lot of room with pic of chihuahua dog in bed


dog meme about chihuahua dogs growing tired from navigating life being so small

And I’d love to do some more posts like this so if you like it and want more, let me know in the comments! Comment below to tell which memes do you like most

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