Dogs see their owners as family and value humans more than fellow dogs, according to a study. And when these fuzzy balls of happiness look into your eyes or snuggle under your arm, it’s impossible to remain indifferent.

Here at Bright Side, we adore all types of animals equally, but dogs are no less than angelic creatures. So we can’t help but share these 23 pics with you. Scroll down and try not to “ooh” and “aww” too much.

1. Tiny puppy, big heart!

© Toronja Azul / Wikimedia Commons

2. “New worker reporting for duty!”

© duglasfresh / reddit  

3. “Nom!”

© TheBannedCommentard / imgur

4. “My attempt at a banana for scale picture of my mini dachshund, Rusty. It seems like he had other plans.”

© poppycocklovegood / reddit

5. “I am FLOOF.”

© scuba_kai / reddit

6. “My 8-week-old puppy!”

© Toronja Azul / Wikimedia Commons

7. Big boy yawn!

© XultimateX / reddit

8. “Peaches sleeping on the door handle on our way home”

© Unknown / imgur 

9. “My girlfriend and I just bought our first puppy together! Reddit, meet Dexter.”

© AHoddy / reddit

10. Puppy Longstocking!

© Ellasmi / reddit

11. That humble look just melted our hearts!

© jaydawg101 / reddit

12. “Hi human, I’m Pixie.”

13. What an adorable fluffy bear!

© grilledmackerel / reddit

14. “I’m a big boy, bigger than dinosaurs!”

15. “He doesn’t have a name yet, but my parents got the cutest puppy!”

© jon94 / reddit

16. The dog looks like a cartoon character.

© BriceMo / reddit

17. This girl is the master of head tilts.

© _bbycake / reddit

18. “Charlie’s first day home”

© ManiacComet / reddit

19. “Yes, dog, you can have whatever you want…”

© andrewthehuber / reddit  

20. “Not sure if my friend got a puppy or a baby polar bear…”

© dnceebz / imgur

21. “This bed is so big for this little boy.”

© TheCdml / reddit  

22. My dog likes to hug my arm as I pet him.

© iam1r7 / reddit  

Do you have a fluffy friend? We’d be happy to see your pics in the comment section below!

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