Chihuahuas are like forever babies — they’re the smallest dog breed in the world, according to The AKC, and they even have a soft spot on their heads called molera — just like human newborns. But that doesn’t affect their ability to love, enjoy life, and have fun!

Here at Bright Side we admire dogs and think that all the breeds are adorable in their own way, but these tiny Chihuahuas just stole our hearts.

1. My boyfriend didn’t want a Chihuahua.

© anyankana11 / reddit

2. Little Luna is our newest addition and she is truly the sweetest peach in all the land.

© octopusalert / reddit

3. My mom’s chihuahuas —Taco and Bella!

© lazyllamacloud / reddit

4. Blue-eyed princess

© Twyliteskyz / imgur

5. My new 8-week-old chihuahua! Meet Chico.

© JacobTheNurse / reddit

6. “You can get him, but I don’t want anything to do with that little thing.”

© maddomesticscientist / reddit

7. My Chihuahua pups look like polar bears.

© tolurkistolearn / reddit

8. The way he found a snuggly spot in between the legs

© sphillips0098 / reddit

9. Chihuahua-sized high-5!

© tjzbyrad / reddit

10. “This little puppy just turned 11, and keeps getting cuter each year.”

© murrdyth / reddit

11. These are perfect work-from-home conditions!

© wendyparis2001 / reddit

12. Snuck my dog into the photo booth at the mall to get these done for her 16th birthday! Happy Birthday, Taco!

© surfin_sonie / reddit

13. Mommy’s robe is the comfiest!

© twistedfate04 / reddit

14. So bashful!

© hannahtyrer / reddit

15. Do you wanna talk, honey?

© OnceLikeYou / reddit

16. “A memorial tattoo to the best friend I’ve ever had.”

© ehales13 / reddit

17. “My pupper just living her best life”

© yamsnz / reddit

18. The ultimate happy face

© HystericButterfly / reddit

19. We bet pics of Chihuahua puppies can cure depression.

20. Smooshy face

© Thepawsnet / reddit

21. Did you say “treat”?

© matcu69 / reddit

22. The best work partner!

© take_me_home_tonight / reddit

23. “My sweet little Yoda!”

© blue_monkeys / reddit

24. Chihuahua baby nugget!

© WhereThereisLife / reddit

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