Do you need to make your day happier? There’s no better way to do that than checking out these Chihuahuas and their memes. Continue reading to see what we’ve picked up from the web. Warning though, some of these are too hilarious!

Chihuahua Memes
OMG, yes! I think we can all relate to this one.
Funny Chihuahua Memes
I’m now a sad Chihuahua. And this is me, at all times.
Chihuahua Memes Funny
No, no, no! I absolutely don’t wanna hear it.
Best Chihuahua Memes
So many flashbacks. Yuck.
Chihuahua Memes Best
If you have a Chihuahua, you can relate to this hungry Chihuahua meme!
Hilarious Chihuahua Memes
I do science. Chihuahua brain activate!
Chihuahua Memes Hilarious
Where am I? What day it is? For how much did I actually sleep?
Chihuahua Memes Cute
An adorable one. It would help if you looked at more Chihuahua memes.
Cute Chihuahua Memes
Little skeptical Chihuahua here! Don’t try anything funny around them.
Cutest Chihuahua Memes
Oh, no, no-no. And you thought this Chihuahua meme collection wouldn’t be relatable.
Chihuahua Memes Adorable
DoorDashing and Netflix while rolling in it!
Chihuahua Memes Pictures
I hope the signs aren’t related.
Chihuahua Memes Pics
Always. Chihuahua memes are often about the Chihuahua barking because they bark at everything that isn’t important. 
Best Chihuahua Memes
Frustrated Chihuahua face, activate.
Relatable Chihuahua Memes
I am still looking glamorous! 
Chihuahua Memes Relatable
A thug Chihuahua meme.
Chihuahua Memes Lovable
Kiss again. And again!
Chihuahua Memes Adorable
Especially on a plane. Like, stop.

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