The dogs were living in cages in an apartment garage.

After a man was recently evicted from his Colorado Springs apartment, it was revealed that he had 30 chihuahuas living in crates in his garage. The dogs were discovered on Wednesday, September 23.

The dogs were found in what officers described as questionable living conditions and were taken to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) in Colorado Springs for medical evaluation. Most of the dogs were relatively healthy, but some will need dental surgeries and all of them will need to be spayed and neutered. Several are skittish and fearful and will need to spend time with behavior therapists and trainers.

“Having 30 dogs in one residence is not only bad for the animals and humans involved, but also against the law in Colorado Springs, where the owner was living,”

HSPPR said in a press release. 

After being given his choices, the owner—who has not been publicly named—surrendered 26 of the dogs, keeping four.

According to HSPPR, some of the dogs will be available for adoption as soon as this week. For details and information on how to adopt one, check out the HSPRR website or Facebook page.

The legal limit for dogs living in any one household in Colorado Springs is four dogs over the age of four months, per property. Anyone exceeding that limit can be considered a kennel, which is not legal in residential zones.

Thankfully, these animals were in relatively good health and will likely be adopted very quickly once they are ready. Thanks to everyone involved who is working overtime to take care of these dogs. HSPPR is the largest animal welfare group for homeless and abused animals in the southern part of the state. They are a local and independent nonprofit, and run solely on donations. No animal is ever turned away, they are dedicated to giving every animal the care and respect they deserve. 

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Image credit to @SarahMatulaPhotography, HSPPR Photography Volunteer 

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