A small and thin puppy was discovered in the streets of Dallas, Texas (United States), the little one was in poor condition and clung to life. His condition was troubling and Dallas Dog RRR rescuers knew that they could not waste time, so they decided to take him to the medical center immediately.

The puppy was barely able to lift its head and open its eyes a little, incredibly weighing just 1.8 pounds, and it was evident it was struggling to live.

The puppy was called Stuart, and back then they thought he was a Chihuahua because of his size, but to everyone’s surprise, he was actually a pit bull.

Puppy Weighing 1.8 Pounds Surprisingly Recovers

Facebook / Dallas Dog RRR

His state of health was so bad that he did not even look like a pit bull puppy, as he was very small and his malnutrition was remarkable.

In the medical center it was necessary to carry out several examinations to Stuart, in order to know the diseases that he could suffer and treat his condition.

Facebook / Dallas Dog RRR

Stuart’s blood test yielded disappointing results, he was so anemic with fleas and ticks that he urgently needed a blood transfusion. The first two days of the little puppy were critical and worrying, it seemed that he had no conscience and was constantly losing his mind.

His delicate condition did not improve, but the rescuers were willing to do everything possible and fight to save the child’s life.

Facebook / Dallas Dog RRR

Fortunately, in five days Stuart began to show a small improvement, and a woman named Susan wanted to provide him with a foster home.

The little boy seemed to be very happy at Susan’s house, but you could still tell he was struggling to continue living. Susan said Stuart looked very tired, looked drowsy, crestfallen, and generally stayed asleep for many hours.

Facebook / Dallas Dog RRR

Several days passed after Susan took Stuart home, and he started acting like a normal puppy, he seemed to feel better. The news was a joy to all, and surely a great victory on Stuart’s short journey of short life.

Little Stuart’s health recovered in full as the days went by.

acebook / Dallas Dog RRR

Dallas Dog RRR said in a post :

“I am eating well and slowly gaining weight, so overall I feel great and absolutely LOVE my ado*ptive family!”

Shane, Susan’s brother, decided to visit her sister in order to meet Stuart and find out if ado*ption was possible. When they saw each other, there was immediately a connection between them, Stuart climbed onto the sofa where Shane was resting and laid his head on his chest.

Instagram / Shiner

At that precise moment, Shane realized that he had to ado*pt Stuart, since fate had brought them together to be life partners.

Now, the little cub that once clung to life and struggled to get ahead had a forever home.

Instagram / ranch_road_music

Stuart grew up very fast and healthy, becoming the most beautiful and gentle pitbulll in the world.

Shane lives in Austin, where dogs of this breed are allowed, so she takes Stuart for walks almost everywhere; they are inseparable.

Instagram / ranch_road_music

Stuart was baptized ‘Shiner’ by his father, they live adventures together daily; she loves going to her favorite place and loves spending time with her dad.

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