Animal cruelty is among the most inhumane crimes that people continue to commit every day. We recently published an article on chihuahua negligence, which resulted in 21 dogs living inside a filthy RV. Even though the US punishes violence towards animals with federal penalties, we keep seeing perpetrators act out their advances towards helpless animals.

In Riverside, this horrible deed was taken one step further by a 19-year old boy named Angel Ramos. Allegedly, the suspect had killed a chihuahua online. The following text is sensitive, so reader discretion is advised.

In late February, the Riverside authorities received a call from a concerned citizen that saw the [possible] online killing of a chihuahua dog. The police processed the complaint and investigated the suspect’s social media where the crime had supposedly taken place. The Riverside officials went out with a statement a few days later, confirming the crime to the public. The video was reported to show a chihuahua dog with a wide cut on its neck and gasping for air. The man who committed the crime was seen above the dog, praising himself for the act he had just done.

Riverside police responded to bar more than 60 times

The Suspect’s Arrest and The Aftermath

Based on the information gathered, the Riverside police quickly went to an apartment complex located in Lou Ella Lane. When they arrived inside the building, they saw a man who matched the tipper’s descriptions. Moreover, they found that the suspect had blood-stained clothes and metal knuckles in his drawers. While searching the apartment, the police officers also found a six-month-old chihuahua with a severe neck injury. The police said that the poor animal was “barely alive,” which more or less confirmed the crime.

The Riverside police immediately took the injured animal to the nearest pet clinic. There, the hurt chihuahua would get the proper medical attention, or so they hoped. Sadly, the veterinarians evaluated that the chihuahua was in a lot of pain and will not survive the injuries. They decided to euthanize the animal so they would finally put it to rest. The suspect was taken to the Robert Presley Detention Center, where he was detained for animal cruelty.

However, due to an emergency bail schedule for non-violent crimes, the Police had to release him for custody a few hours later. This tragic story is proof that fighting animal cruelty is a battle we are yet to win.

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