Friday in the early evening, there was a small-scale animal rescue operation in the early evening. This was when the mixed-breed little Riina dog got out of its leash and jumped alone in an Itäkeskus station. Everything happened just after the flex broke down just when the metro arrived at the stop.

jumped alone, Chihuahua Jumped Alone in the Metro, and Then This Happened

The dog had time to run inside the last carriage of the metro going to Tapiola, and the doors of the metro closed before the owner had time to catch his pet.

A desperate operation began to get the dog back.

“It took an hour, and we had time to go through all the emotional scales,” says the Helsinki resident Johanna Vanamo.

Canine the owner is his adult son. Vanamo helped his son make announcements on social media.

What Happened After the Pup Jumped Alone into the Metro

“We were afraid that someone would steal the dog because Riina is a very kind and happy dog ​​and looks like a breed dog,” Vanamo says. “Or that he would get off the subway and even jump on the tracks.”

The mixed-breed Riina is a bit like a chihuahua, but Vanamo says the dog’s breed is not exactly known. The dog arrived for his son five years ago and was mistreated by his previous owners.

About an hour later, Vanamo received a response to his announcement, in which someone shared information about a dog found on the subway. The hallmarks, a black collar adorned with diamonds, matched Riina. Vanamo identified the dog in the picture, where he looked pleased in his discoverer’s arms.

“That’s exactly what Riina is like, confident and human-loving,” Vanamo says.

Riina’s finder delivered the dog to Viikki’s Animal Shelter. Vanamo says that he is grateful to Riina’s discoverer.

“It’s wonderful that there are people like that who take care.”

Alone traveling pets have attracted attention in public transport in the past. HS said a dog that traveled on the subway last year, which the passengers and HKL’s security guard together tried to catch.

The dog had originally jumped on the metro to Vuosaari from Puotila station at seven in the morning. However, this was not a dog-friendly direction but changed at the Rastila station back to the metro going downtown.

In Turku, the driver of the bus picked up a large dog from the stop early in the year. The dog jumped on the bus as the driver opened the door.

Cruise liner Silja Symphony, on the other hand, was looking for a cat in December last year, which escaped when the door of the carrying case accidentally opened. A couple of months later, the cat was found in Oulunkylä, where it tried to enter a detached house from a winter storm.

Source: pledgetimes

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