The Colorado Pug Rescue in Greeley, Colorado, is appealing to the public for a forever home for two of their fosters: a blind pug named Augie, and his seeing-eye dog Pepe, who is a Chihuahua. The pair comes as a packaged deal.

12-year-old Augie and Pepe ended up in the rescue in August 2019, after their owner died from a terminal illness. Following medical setbacks and foster care, the pair are ready for their forever home.

As Cyndi Trimber explained to FOX31 Denver, “It was kind of like a package deal. When Augie came, [Pepe] came with him. They’ve been taken from the only home they knew, and they’re thrown into another home. They had to depend on each other to get through it.”

Cyndi is a volunteer with the pug rescue and is also currently fostering Augie and Pepe until they can be placed in a forever home.

“They sleep together, and they eat together. It’s lovely they depend on each other like that,” she said.

Their bond is quite strong since Augie has had to rely heavily on Pepe for support since coming to the rescue. When Augie first went to the rescue, he was discovered to have a heart murmur, which caused the return to send him to a specialist for an echocardiogram.

Blind Pug and chihuahua


Thankfully, the vets concluded that nothing was alarming about his heart murmur. However, the pug then developed a mild case of pneumonia which had to be treated with antibiotics and cough medicine.

Once that ordeal was over, poor Augie had to undergo surgery to correct some dental issues and fix some optical complications. Augie has been blind for most of his life, and however, he had to have his eyes removed. He also had major dental surgery, which meant that the rescue was facing a vet bill of $3,100.

“It racked up a huge bill,” Cyndi said. “I went to pick him up, and I’m like, ‘Holy!’ We’re a foster group. How are we going to afford this?”

The Colorado Pug Rescue is hoping they’ll be able to count on the kindness of strangers to get them out of the pinch. You can click here if you or someone you know would like to donate towards Augie’s medical bill.

Meanwhile, anyone who would like to offer these two pals a forever home should click here to get in touch with the rescue.

Watch the video below:

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