The brave Chihuahua is currently healing — and rocking magenta casts. But how did his broken legs come to be?

A tiny Chihuahua puppy with broken front legs was found abandoned in a dumpster in a Santa Rosa Junior College parking lot. An employee at the college spotted the pup and took it to a nearby animal hospital. There, the Chi was treated for its injuries in style: with two magenta-colored casts.

The Santa Rosa Junior College Police Department gave a report for this case. They said that the person responsible for the puppy’s broken legs is still unknown. They believe that after the unfortunate, the poor pup was dumped in the trashcan. There, the Chi was hopelessly waiting for a savior.

The Chihuahua, who didn’t have an ID, is now in the custody of Sonoma County Animal Services. It was hard knowing that the pup didn’t have someone to care for him. But, something had to be done either way.

“We all must work together in keeping our pets and our community safe,” the police statement read. And, they were right. The only way to ensure a happier life is to help one another.

We hope the Chihuahua heals and finds a loving forever home soon.

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