A six-month-old puppy is fighting for his life. This is after another dog attacked him in a communal garden area in Sydney’s inner west.

Bruna Meirelles set up a GoFundMe earlier this week after her chihuahua, Paco, was mauled by the bigger dog in the garden area of the apartment complex in Zetland.

Ms. Meirelles explained Paco happens to love staffies. So, when the recently-rescued dog ran towards him, Paco ran up thinking the two would play.

However, the other dog got Paco in a jaw lock.

Ms. Meirelles told 7News she used to rescue fighting dogs in Brazil. So, she pried the dog’s jaw open to release Paco.

“I grabbed Paco from the floor, he was covered in saliva, he was screaming really loud. My hands were covered in blood, but I didn’t know if it was my blood or his blood,” she told 7News.

On the GoFundMe, Ms. Meirelles explained Paco’s lung was punctured in the incident.

“He’s only 6 months and 900gr so now he is hospitalized and going through surgery – his only chance to survive,” Ms. Meirelles said.

Fighting, Fighting for Life after Getting Mauled: This Chi’s Story
Paco was attacked by another dog in a communal garden in Sydney. Source: GoFundMe

When Fighting Gets Tough

She said insurance would not cover the medical bills because Paco’s insurance was canceled last week and she didn’t realize as the email went to her junk box.

After the incident in the garden, Ms. Meirelles rushed Paco to the vet.

She told 7News the surgeon informed her the surgery could cost more than $12,000 and there was a chance he might not make it.

Fortunately, $13,355 was raised and Paco was able to have surgery.

“Paco made it through his surgery,” she wrote in an update, thanking those for donating.

“He will stay in hospital once he has his drains and he needs oxygen therapy constantly. He is now fighting with all his heart.

“Every single dollar was absolutely necessary for this to happen.

Ms. Meirelles told 7News that the other dog’s owner apologized before swiftly picking up the dog and disappearing. 

She said she reported the incident to the local council.

It is expected Paco will need to remain at the vet for a couple of days but Ms. Meirelles is concerned he may never be the same after the attack.

“I think he will be traumatized, I am traumatized, he is so chilled and so happy and so lovely, and I know things have changed now, he won’t have the same life,” she said.

Source: au.news.yahoo.com

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