If you are looking for some funny chihuahua memes to laugh at, then check these below. Let’s start with a funny Chihuahua meme slash joke:

How does a Japanese Chihuahua say hello? Konnichihuahua!

Sometimes dogs are just the dopest creatures possible. There is almost no limit to the chaos they create, all in an attempt to make the most of life and try and fail to show you how much they love you by letting you return to a house that resembles a war zone.

Yet they are, above all, just wholly innocent, gormless floofs that keep us entertained for hours. The crying Chihuahua meme keeps the jokes coming and laughter rolling with even more hysterical hounds, or take a look at these dogs that have no idea they aren’t cute little puppies anymore.

The Funniest Chihuahua Memes

The internet has been very creative with the crying chihuahua meme face template, and there are too many memes that can make anyone laugh instantly.

Chihuahua memes with a pup and a banana
1. “Pray for my sister’s lil’ woofer, Poncho. Ain’t nothing wrong with him he just freaks out whenever he’s near a banana”
Jealous pup looking at his human
2. “When you see your human kissing another doggy”
Swimming pup with his tongue out
3. “When you’re short and you enter the 5 ft. section of the pool”
Chihuahua memes with captions
4. “Seeing your friends upload pictures of them partying but none of them invited you”
Chihuahua memes with a devil wears Prada cosplay
5. Chihuahua memes with a devil wears Prada cosplay
Cute Chihuahua meme wearing a sombrero and saddle
6. “When I was in Mexico I saw a little sombrero and a little saddle and I knew I had to buy them for this reason”
Chihuahua memes with a pup wearing a weiner costume
7. “He’s so small he can sneak through the fence, so he must wear the escape-proof wiener bun of shame at potty time”
Thug Chihuahua
8. “I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me”
Chihuahua memes with pup looking strangely at owner
9. “When your mom is on the phone with aunt Linda and you hear her say ‘oh yeah he’s right here, you wanna talk to him?’
Chihuahua memes with pup eating fruit
10. “If you’re having a bad day, here’s a little doggy eatin’ fruit”

10 Bonus Chihuahua Memes

As if those weren’t enough, here are another 10 Chihuahua meme face templates to make you LOL. After all, funny Chihuahua memes is what it’s all about

Chihuahua memes with food
11. Me when someone tries to touch my food vs me when I try to get food from someone else”
Hardworking Chihuahua laying on couch
12. “When it gets to Sunday night and you suddenly realize just how much work you’ve been avoiding all weekend.”
Chihuahua wearing a pink sweater
13. “Your mom at home vs your mom in public”
Wide eyed Chi glancing at camera
14. “When there’s a deep rage burning inside of you but you gotta act nice cuz you at work.”
White Chi pup covered with sheets
15. “Roses are red, I’m going to bed.”
Glorious Chihuahua on top of huge dog
16. “At dawn we attack!”
Laughing Chi with tongue out
17. “When you’re starving and see the food coming”
Chihuahua memes with pup looking suspiciously
18. “When you start realizing stuff”
Dark brown Chihuahua in bed
19. “Weighs less than 10 pounds, takes up half bed”
White Chihuahua memes
20. “If you had to jump 3x your body length to get into a chair you’d be lazy too”

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