Some dogs can have an awesome response to a camera. A lot of dog videos get viral on the internet for their candid actions while you’re filming them. Such was the case of these cute Chihuahua puppies that were born for the screen.

On the contrary. Some people like to train their pet dogs to act a certain way in front of the camera. Moreover, the dogs can do trained actions upon seeing a gesture from their trainer. Or it might be triggered by a specific sound.

Anyhow, we believe that the best thing to capture on camera is some innocent candid moments of your pet. Especially if they’re cute Chihuahua puppies.

Take a look at this heart-melting clip of three little fur babies playing in a yard. This autumn scene with playful puppies will instantly make your day better.

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Cute Chihuahua Puppies Born for the Screen

YouTube video

These little creatures are awed by the presence of a camera. They keep following it, trying to catch it with their little tumbling paws. They think of it as a toy and try to play with it. But alas! Their little legs and paws are not enough to properly catch it.

The close-up view of their cute noses and confused eyes just gets better towards the end of the video when these puppies forget about the camera and start playing with each other. They tumble and stumble and eventually get distracted by other objects on the way.

Focus on their tail wagging in the video. The dog tail wagging is a popular gesture of playfulness and happiness of a dog (although it can signify other things too).

We believe that these friendly and playful puppies are truly loved by their owners. Their well-being is truly reflected in their happiness and we’re sure that they will grow up to become very good pets in the future.

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