For a long time, people thought cats and dogs do not get along and are mortal enemies. Who would not? Especially when you see dogs chasing cats. And cats arch their backs up and hiss whenever they see dogs around. So, do Chihuahuas get along with cats?

do chihuahuas get along with cats?, Do Chihuahuas Get Along With Cats?

The truth is that most dogs and cats could become friends. Now, not all dogs can tolerate a cat’s presence. How about a Chihuahua? Do they get along with cats?

Yes, a Chihuahua and a cat could get along well if you train your Chihuahua properly and introduce them to each other in the right way. Chihuahuas are famous for being territorial and aggressive towards other animals, and cats have an overly protective instinct.

Chihuahuas are highly territorial and do not like to share their humans. Therefore, it is better to develop their socialization skills while they are still young to accept new pets in the house quickly.

Chihuahuas and Cats

Cohabitation is a big step for animals, especially Chihuahuas. If you have a Chihuahua and wanting to get a cat or the other way around, you have to prepare them first.

Do not surprise your Chihuahua by bringing a cat home. Chihuahuas can be depressed and jealous, which will create a negative impact on them. Therefore, you should consider some things.

  • Both Chihuahuas and cats are territorial and become aggressive when they sense a threat coming from people or other animals around them. But they become adorable once they see what an affectionate and harmless creature you are.
  • Chihuahuas are smaller than cats, and they can hurt themselves while playing with cats thrice their size. Although it would look like they are just playing around, they could still sustain injuries.
  • Age plays a huge factor. If your Chihuahua is old and you bring in a kitten, or it is the cat that is old, and you bring in a pup, they may never get along no matter how hard you try.

9 Easy Tips to Make a Chihuahua and a Cat Get Along

To avoid any cause of aggression from your Chihuahua, you have to make sure that he is adequately trained and socialized. It all starts when they are young that they could adjust to changes in the future.

Here are some knicks and knacks on how to make your Chihuahua and cat get along.

  • Before you get a cat, do a test first. Bring in your friend’s cat or neighbor’s cat home. Observe how your Chihuahua behaves around the cat; your pup’s reaction will help you determine your next move.
  • In bringing your cat home for the first time, keep them in a cage for the meantime.
  • Be calm when you introduce the two animals to each other. Both animals are susceptible when it comes to their owners, so if you get nervous and anxious, they will get anxious and nervous too.
  • If both your Chihuahua and cat ignore each other, that is a good sign. It shows that they do not see each other as a threat.
  • Older dogs have a little tolerance to younger ones. If you have an old Chihuahua, it is much better not to get a cat.
  • To match both their ages, try to get a Chihuahua pup and a kitten. They tend to form a strong bond if they are raised together.
  • Separate their belongings. Feed them in separate food bowls and water bowls. Also, feed them away from each other to avoid the territorial instinct from kicking in.
  • Give them equal pet time. This will avoid the risk of your Chihuahua or cat having separation anxiety. Make sure that they would not feel neglected or overshadowed by the other pet in the house.
  • If all else fails and your Chihuahua and cat still do not get along, it is better to put them in separate rooms, away from each other. Keep them far from each others’ reach, especially when nobody is at home.

It would take a tremendous amount of patience to get this thing done, but the result is always rewarding.

It does not matter what kind of dog you have or what type of cat you are getting, and it is a matter of training your dogs for socialization as early as possible.

Why Do Chihuahuas Like to Chase Cats?

Chihuahuas are one of the animals that are well recognized for their playful attitude toward humans and other pets. If you own a Chihuahua and a cat, you may notice that Chihuahua likes to chase the cat. The cat chasing behavior is not something that they could quickly stop.

The instinct to chase other animals is already weaved in their DNA, although there are dogs who manage to ignore a cat’s presence, most of them could not resist it. This is what we call prey drive.

Dogs like Chihuahuas were breeds of predators before being domesticated; they have the natural drive to hunt, just like their wolf ancestors who hunt for survival.

But since domesticated dogs are taken care of, they would not need to pursue prey. Yet the drive to chase animals smaller than them is still present, only to serve as playtime.

Although it does not look dangerous, it must be avoided. It will cause distress to your kittens, and your dogs may think that it is okay. You have to make sure that the ‘cat-chasing’ stuff should be stopped.

do chihuahuas get along with cats?, Do Chihuahuas Get Along With Cats?

Simple Steps to Stop Your Chihuahuas from Chasing Cats

Kittens and puppies who grew up together get along very well. It is also possible for older dogs to get along with new cats, or vice versa if appropriately introduced.

Here are some easy steps to ensure harmonious living with your Chihuahua and cat.

  • Keep your cat safe and your Chihuahua harmless by using a muzzle. If your dog does not know what a muzzle is, you have to introduce it first. You have to let them be familiar with it. Put their favorite treat inside the muzzle like a bowl, feed them through it a couple of times.
  • Try using a cat carrier. Although dogs could tolerate a cat’s presence, there is no telling when they would start to chase them. To protect your cat, put them in a cat carrier, and keep your dog on a leash. Sit them close together, and if your dog tries to be naughty around the cat, you could lightly pull the rope. This will give your dog a sign that you did not like what he did. You can also give your dog treats whenever they ignore the cat. The more they ignore, the more gifts they get.
  • Distract your puppies’ attention. Also, do not restrain your cat in just one space. Let them move around the house. It is intense training for your dog to divert his attention and ignore the cat to get some rewards. Have this type of session once or twice a week, and it will soon show the results you want.
  • Give your Chihuahua some treats for behaving well around the cat, and give your cat some treats for showing ignoring the dog as well. In this way, you are showing them that what they are doing is right and that they should keep doing it.

10 Fun Facts About Chihuahuas

  1. Chihuahua is not only a smart dog but has the instincts to take care of orphaned pups or kittens.
  2. The very first dog to dine in the British House of Commons was a Chihuahua -Rozavel Miguel.
  3. When Chihuahuas give birth, it is always a caesarian section because of the size of the pup’s head.
  4. Chihuahuas are the most famous breed in Hollywood as they starred in many movies up until present times.
  5. In Japan, the police force took advantage of the small size of Chihuahuas and used their help in Search-and-Rescue missions.
  6. Back in the days, they called all small dogs born in Northern Mexico and Southern U.S. Chihuahuas.
  7. Chihuahuas have various types of coats, but solid white – with no markings or other colors, was the rarest coat color.
  8. Unlike today, wherein Chihuahuas like to hop on the couch or your lap, they used to be great tree climbers. They climb trees to hunt for squirrels and to protect themselves from bigger predators.
  9. There have been cases that a pack of Chihuahuas has gone rogue and wild. Witnesses claim to have seen them around the neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona.
  10. Folklore once said that Chihuahuas can cure asthma. A lot of people said that if you put the Chihuahua next to you, it will absorb and take that person’s asthma. It is also one of the reasons for asthmatic people keep Chihuahuas close to them.

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