You’ve probably heard before that what most dogs do while their owners are out is wait for them to get back. I believe that’s true, because dogs have shown their love and loyalty for humans numerous times. It’s safe to say that the saying “dogs are man’s best friend”, and coming home late is what best friends don’t do.

But what happens when the owners are late and the dogs are left to wait for them long hours? According to this incredibly cute Pit Bull named Roxy, they get a bit mad and want their moms and dads to know that. 


Roxy is the kind of dog that is all about hugs and cuddles, so it’s not surprising she can’t wait for her owner to give her some, after coming home late.

The moment he’s in, Roxy starts wagging her tail in excitement. Dad then asks, “Did you miss me?” and that’s all Roxy needs to hear in order to give him an earful.


Roxy is a daddy’s girl and it’s perfectly okay she wants to spend more time with him. After this, he will definitely make sure to be home just in time for the playtime. 


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