The stylish Chihuahua has become an Instagram celebrity after she became a model for her seamstress owner. She has dressed her up in hundreds of hilarious outfits.

Josie the Chihuahua sports a different look every day to delight her thousands of Instagram followers – and has even been dressed up in a sparkly dress worth more than $1000.

Josie is a 10- year-old chihuahua who was adopted overweight and with health problems but is now thriving as a fashion model.

Bonni Burns, 50, a seamstress from Toronto, Canada, who specializes in pet clothing, adopted Josie two years ago and started using her as a fitting model to perfect the clothes she was making.

stylish Chihuahua, Stylish Chihuahua Becomes Instagram Celebrity
Pic by Caters News

How the Stylish Chihuahua Came to Be

She soon realized that Josie loved the clothes as much as she did so she made her full-time model.

Bonni said: “Because I dress things for a living, I had to dress her and imagine my delight when I found out she really appreciates a cute outfit.

“I do miniature wardrobes so it was just natural progression dressing Josie – she’s kind of the living version of a doll.

“She is by my side 24/7 and we have started a business making other dogs look fabulous. “She has hundreds of garments and growing every day.

“And as a necessity, where we live it gets really cold in the winter and she is a chihuahua – when I adopted her she didn’t have any coats or sweaters or anything like that so I started making her clothes and found out she doesn’t mind wearing clothes at all.

stylish Chihuahua, Stylish Chihuahua Becomes Instagram Celebrity
Pic by Caters News

Hilarious Outfits for a Hilarious Pup

“She became my muse, making stuff for her is now my art form.

“She has hundreds of outfits, at the beginning for the first year, I was probably making her something new every day.

“It keeps evolving, I think she will end up with thousands by the end of it all. “

Bonni adopted Josie in December 2017, after her previous owner passed away – but the pooch was in bad health and overweight.

Since then Josie now maintains a healthy weight and rocking more than 300 outfits.

stylish Chihuahua, Stylish Chihuahua Becomes Instagram Celebrity
Pic by Caters News

Bonni added: “I adopted my little Josie after her owner who was a neighbor of ours passed away very suddenly and she was on her way to a shelter, but I just couldn’t bear the thought, because she is older and knew her outlook wouldn’t be good- I fell in love with her right away.

The Beautiful Journey of the Stylish Chihuahua

“She was in pretty rough shape at the start, but now she is in excellent health.

“Josie loves wearing the clothes, she thrives on attention. When I have a dress ready, she’s coming over to me, she does a little stretch like she knows what’s happening plus she knows she is getting a treat at the end of it.

“She is coming with me everywhere; she becomes the mascot everywhere we go.

“My favourite outfit would definitely be one of the dresses, the more sparkly the better.

stylish Chihuahua, Stylish Chihuahua Becomes Instagram Celebrity
Pic by Caters News

“I can tell she acts differently to different outfits- I can tell she poses better for certain outfits than others.

“She likes the sparkly dresses- maybe because I react stronger to them so she picks up on that but anytime she wears something new she prances around the studio and collects as many compliments as she can get.

“My customers love her and always message me saying how pretty and special she is.

“Josie has no teeth on the top so her tongue just slides out- I personally believe it is the jewel of her charm.

“She has a better wardrobe than anybody I know, including me. “

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