If you own a Chihuahua, the chances are very good that you need a companion for him. Chihuahuas require a lot of time and attention. They have an incredible amount of energy, and they become bored easily if they don’t have all of your attention.

If you are considering a friend for your Chihuahua, there is just one thing to keep in mind…Chihuahuas don’t like other breeds or types of animals. They are a bit snobby in this aspect, as they only get along well with their own kind…other Chihuahuas.

Chihuahua companion, Getting a Companion for Your Chihuahua Companion

Introducing another Chihuahua to your home is actually quite easy because of this. Your current Chihuahua won’t even ‘question’ it, and will be most happy to have a new friend to play and share with. There may be a few squabbles, but in most cases, they will never be very serious.

Making Your Chihuahua Companion Happy

If you are planning to get a companion for your Chihuahua, you could contact the breeder that you previously used. However, if you plan to mate the Chihuahuas, you might want to use a different breeder, as you don’t want to breed dogs that are closely related, as this can result in genetic problems. The less related the dogs are, the better off the puppies are.

Chihuahua companion, Getting a Companion for Your Chihuahua Companion

In most cases, the Chihuahuas will not be jealous of each other, as long as you give them equal love and attention. There won’t be any dominance battles, and this will not increase the instances of marking territory. Again, just make sure that you are equally devoted to both dogs and everything should be just fine.

Unlike many other breeds of dogs, owning two Chihuahuas does not create twice the work. If anything, it just creates twice the fun. The Chihuahuas will play together, sleep together, eat together – and of course go everywhere together. They will become inseparable.

The only problem that you may experience is the loss of one of the dogs. When one dies, the other could very well grieve to death over the loss. If this happens, the best thing you can do for the remaining Chihuahua is to get yet another Chihuahua to replace the lost friend fairly quickly. Also, if one Chihuahua becomes ill, it is imperative that you separate the dogs, at least until you know what is wrong with the ill dog so that they aren’t sharing an illness.

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