Dogs that have been exposed to mistreatment go through a deep trauma that takes a lot of time to get rid of, to make them trust again is a challenge of its kind.

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A local shelter in Texas welcomed a dog named Gia in, the shelter doesn’t have enough staff or volunteers.

The poor dog cowered in a corner shaking, every time someone would approach her she would start shaking more, if someone would touch her she would lay there while she urinates herself unable to move from fear.

Poor Gia passed a severe abuse, a monster that was supposed to take care of her tied her to a tree and then beat her with a belt, the poor animal has a psychological and physical trauma.

Source: DallasDogRRR/Facebook

She was in need in much bigger help that the small local shelter could provide her.

Luckily DallasDogRRR stepped in.

Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform is an incredible organization that will take in the hardest cases and through love, patience, and kindness, will work to help and reform dogs like poor Gia.

The poor dog is now with Dallas dog in their shelter and the progress is noticed immediately, when humans come near her she hides under the bed now.

Source: DallasDogRRR/Facebook

When humans leave and she thinks no one is looking, she comes out of her hiding place and starts to play like a puppy with other dogs, you can see she enjoys playing, this is what security cameras show at least.

It seems like she believes the dogs will never hurt her.

The scared dog is getting ready to move in a special foster home with a foster mom that already has a lot of experience dealing with traumatized canines.

The foster mom will work every day with Gia so the dog can get more comfortable around people, it sure will take time for the sweet dog to understand that not all humans are bad and to make her believe that she will never get hurt again, now is in safe hands.

Update: Gia Is on her way to her new foster home, she had a vet check up and everything is ok, her foster mother wrote this:

Update from Gia’s foster 

‘’Gia is here. She’s not moved from the crate that was used to transport her, the poor love is so fearful although she’s not shaking but she is just not prepared to move from this spot just yet.

Her ears pricked up at the sound of my little Boston, Austin, so I’m hoping that he can entice her out.

Source: DallasDogRRR/Facebook

She’s only been here a few hours, after having her spay surgery, so I’m not expecting great things for a while. But we will be spending a lot of time together, and we will go at her pace and comfort level to interact.

She is safe, and warm, and surrounded by people that only want the best for her. We will love and care for her, for as long as she needs us.’’

We are sure Gia will get pass this and live a happy life, dogs are magnificent creatures that have a strong spirit we know that Gia will prevail.

We pray that soon we will hear that she found a forever home and now is all healed.

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