We have all heard about deworming and it is one of the major parts on your Chihuahua’s life even as an adult or a puppy. Deworming lowers the risks of many diseases that can come to your pooch. Dogs are very curious animals so they tend to sniff, eat things they meet with their senses which can get them worms which is a common threat but a dangerous one is not treated.

Using worming treatment quickly can help your pet get away from these diseases. Hookworms and roundworms are the most common parasites found in puppies which can be passed to them before or after birth through her milk. Adults include roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms living in the intestines.

chihuahua taking pills for worms
Chihuahua taking pill for worms

Deworming schedule for your pup

  • Deworm your puppy at two, four, six and eight weeks of age, then at 12 and 16 weeks of age.
  • Deworm again at six months and again at one year.
  • Then deworm as an adult twice a year for life.

Symptoms that your pooch needs deworming

  • Chewing or licking under its tail
  • Enlarged stomach on puppies
  • Losing weight

Types of worms and their dangers

  • Roundworms – lead to poor growth and death in severe cases
  • Tapeworms – damages to the intestine
  • Hookworms – cause anemia, severe for puppies
  • Whipworms – cause anemia
  • Heartworms – severe lung disease, heart failure or other organ damage


chihuahua eats vegetable
Chihuahua ready to eat vegitables

Your vet can prescribe a tablet or give your pet a shot according to the situation. Many medications treat a wide range of worms inside your pets’ body.

Sometime your deworming process might not lead to results and the below points can be a reason to it

  • Forgetting to give your pup the second dosage after a few days
  • Using the same type of medicine for all parasitic worms
  • Not deworming the other pets in the house
  • Dosage not given according to weight
  • Medicating your pet by yourself

Worming your dog once isn’t always enough and they might reappear and even some worms might not get affected by the worming. Therefore regular treatment is essential for treating worms and its dhould be done on time without missing doses.

kefir in spoon

One of the most effective ways to reduce worms in your pooch is by the food you can provide your pet with the following food in order to reduce them at risks such as vegetables, kefir, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, papaya, pomegranate, and pineapple.

Here you have the most useful resources to make sure your chihuahua is in good condition.

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