An owner has revealed how to create a DIY ear muff out of a single sock. That’s to help keep dogs calm on bonfire night. Here’s how to keep your dog calm, under any condition.

Caitlin Miller, 17, from South Shields, Tyne, and Wear, had been looking for a more cost-effective way to calm her pets when fireworks were let off.

Instead of purchasing stress bands or calming jackets from specialist stores, she decided to create a headband to muffle the sound. That was simply by cutting the ankle and toes off a pair of socks.  

The comfortable contraption helps quieten the distressing noises. It also creates a slight compression that makes it feel like the dog is being cuddled, she claimed. 

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Student Caitlin Miller, 17, from South Shields, Tyne and Wear, shared a cost-free hack on Facebook which helps keep her dogs calm and relaxed ahead of firework season. Pictured: Caitlin’s nine-year-old pomchi Ruby

How to Keep Your Dog Calm (DIY)

She shared her nifty trick on Facebook on October 25 to help other dog owners prepare for the firework season.  Caitlin claims her trick worked wonders on her five-month-old Jack Russel Cookie and her nine-year-old pom chi Ruby. 

When posting on Facebook, Caitlin said: ‘For all those whose dogs are scared of fireworks.

‘Instead of buying anti-stress bands or anything else off the internet, just cut the two ends off a sock and put it on their head. Make sure it’s not too tight but comfortable.

‘It gives them a sensation of being cuddled and relaxes them. We used them last year. And, as firework season is back, we’re using them again and thought I’d share with my friends’. Caitlin said that Ruby has been afraid of fireworks her entire life. And, nothing could help calm her down no matter what she tried. 

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The student shared images of her five-month-old Jack Russell Cookie (pictured) and her pomchi Ruby wearing her DIY calmers on Facebook

The Helpful Feedback

She said: ”She began to rip out patches in her fur due to this anxiety. So, last year we then took it further to the vet.  ‘They gave her anxiety pills and a cone. The anxiety pills didn’t do anything. The cone only made her more uncomfortable than she already was.

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‘After all this not working I then went on Google to research if anything would help them. I came across the anti-stress band which instantly brought my attention and did some investigating on how it works.

‘It gives them a sensation of being cuddled. And, of course, covered their ears which blocked out some of the sounds of the fireworks.

‘I’m not sure if it’s true, but I also read it releases endorphins that make the dogs happier and further relaxed.’

When asked about her DIY dog comforters, she said: ‘I noticed that it looked a bit like a sock on the dog’s head so I thought I would try it with a sock and cut off the two ends.

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Since posting her cost-free hack, Caitlin’s idea has been shared more than 15,000 times

How to Keep Your Dog Calm with an Anti-Stress Band

‘I found one that wouldn’t be too tight but not too loose. After trying it I realised it was the only thing that kept her calm and happy.

‘I also recently got a puppy, Cookie, she is only 5 months old and has never experienced fireworks before.

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Caitlin had been looking for a cheaper alternative to buying anti-stress bands for her dogs online (pictured)

‘Much like Ruby, she didn’t like them and barked at them. Trying this on her she was unsure at first, something going over her head, but once it was on it was instant relaxation.’   

Since being uploaded to Facebook at the weekend, Caitlin’s post has been shared more than 15,000 times, with thousands of people leaving comments.

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How to Keep your Dog Calm on Bonfire Night (with a Sock) 11
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How to Keep your Dog Calm on Bonfire Night (with a Sock) 12
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How to Keep your Dog Calm on Bonfire Night (with a Sock) 13
35002008 8893487 Thousands of people left comments on Caitlin s post with one per a 3 1604048862341
Thousands of people left comments on Caitlin’s post, with one person describing the creation as ‘amazing’ while another was left shocked they hadn’t thought about it before

In 2019 research conducted by the RSPCA revealed that 62 percent of dog owners said their animals were visibly distressed by fireworks.

Additionally, since 2014 they have received 2,200 calls about firework-related issues. 

Source: dailymail

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