Seriously, how can you deny that a dog-only selfie may just be the best kind of selfie?  Not only does it let you get up-close adorable views of your Chihuahua’s face, but you also don’t have to be in the photo if you’re camera shy.  We call that a win-win! So, here’s how to take a selfie with your Chihuahua.

Tip Number 1:

How to capture the cutest dog-only selfie

So, how do you capture this adorable type of self chi?  First, if your Chihuahua is not already very comfortable around your mobile phone (or whatever camera you plan on using to capture the selfie), then you’ll want to feed them really yummy treats around the camera.  Once they start acting excited about your camera, then you’re ready to try bringing it closer (and closer) until you can get that adorable close-up selfie look.

To get the cutest expressions, try moving a treat or toy around your camera fast and slow.  That way you’ll keep your dog’s attention and also capture some adorable faces!  Keep reading for more great ways to get great selfies!

Alternatively, you could teach your dog to push the photo button (how cute would that be?)!  You would simply need to teach them a paw target/touch behavior, then apply the behavior to your phone.  If you need ideas on how to start training a paw-touch, you can check out our article on How to Teach Your Chihuahua to Ring a Bell!

Tip Number 2:

Use the “throw” to capture great facial expressions

Ever feel like the moment you put the camera in front of your dog they look the opposite way?  Or maybe they look angry or scared?

Well, then this tip is for you!

If your dog likes treats or toys, this one works great!  But be ready to capture the image fast, because they may move (check Tips 10 and 11 for help if you have a “mover”).

First, line up your shot.  Get your dog in the frame, make sure you like the background, and the lighting is what you want.  Then, show your dog the treat or toy.  Now, with your finger at the ready to capture the image “throw” the toy or treat!  Why did we put throw in quotes?  Because you are not really going to throw the food or toy.  You simply want to Mimi the action of what you would do if you were tossing it to their mouths.  That way they will perk up and look alert right as you take the photo!

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How to Take a Selfie with Your Chihuahua 6

Tip Number 3:

Use the sounds to perk up those ears

This is easiest if you’re behind the camera and taking a dog-only selfie like the example in Tip 1, but it can work great for selfies with your dog too!

For a dog-only selfie, simply get your image lined up (make sure your dog, background, and lighting are all that you want), then make a noise!  The more you do this, the better you will get, but be creative.  Squeaking, barking, popping sounds, clicking whatever you can do that might pique your dog’s interest.  You may even luck into a head tilt if you get really creative with your noises!

For a selfie with your dog, you’re going to want a friend who will stand on the other side of your camera to make noises or pull up some animal videos on YouTube!  Seriously, this works great!

Tip Number 4:

Cuddle-pose is easier

Don’t have a “stay”? No problem.  One of the many perks of being a Chihuahua mom (or dad) is the ability to just pick up our little guys for a quick hug or selfie!  This is also one of the easiest ways to get those super cute, cuddly, affectionate photos we all love to see on social media.

Now, since Chihuahuas vary in size, make sure you only lift your Chihuahua as high as you can securely hold them.  You don’t want to risk an injury for a photo!  If your Chihuahua is too big for you to hold safely with one arm, you can always capture this type of selfie by sitting on the couch or a chair.  That way, when holding your Chihuahua, the furthest they might slide down is to your lap.

Tip Number 5:

Use the timer feature

Yep, the photo above is a selfie too!  No one was standing there taking it for us.  Instead, we propped up our phone and hit the timer function.  Most phones have a 3-second and 10-second timer option.  We recommend using the 10-second option when taking selfies with your dog.

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First, prop up your phone and make sure the timer setting is turned on for the correct length of time.

Second, move to where you plan on taking the selfie and look at your phone screen.  Is it lined up correctly?  If yes, proceed.  If no, then make adjustments to where you plan to pose or adjust where you have your phone propped up.

Third (and lastly), head back to your phone, hit the photo button to start the timer and hurry back to your spot.  You will see your phone take your photo in just a few seconds and wallah!  Instant, hands-free selfie!

Tip Number 6:

Use a remote

Okay, so Tip 4 is great, but you can’t figure out how to set the timer feature.  Or, maybe 10 seconds is just not enough time.  We get it.

You can capture the same type of selfie with a remote!  Follow Steps 1 and 2 from the Tip above, then simply use your remote to capture the photo!

We use a super affordable Bluetooth Camera Remote Control that we got on Amazon!

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How to Take a Selfie with Your Chihuahua 7

Tip Number 7:

Use a lure

Still, trying to get your dog to just look at the camera?  Well, there’s an invention for that!  Some really smart dog-person invented a dog selfie stick!  This neat little device attaches to your phone and you can clip treats in it.  How clever is that?!

Try attaching a small piece of bacon yep, the type of bacon you would eat for breakfast to your dog selfie stick, and watch the magic happen.  You may have to hold your Chihuahua a little more securely as he’s going to want to make a grab for that bacon, but there is no way he won’t be interested in looking at the camera for your selfie now!

Tip Number 8:

Extend your reach

Sometimes it’s all about just making everything fit for a great selfie with your dog.  Let’s face it, there are only so many “half-face” photos that you can make happen.  In these instances, you’ll want to get yourself a selfie stick.  A selfie stick will literally extend your arm so you can get more of you and your dog (and the background or your friend and his dog) in the photo!

Tip Number 9:

Sometimes it just needs a filter

Confession.  We signed up for Snapchat just for the filters.  Really.  There is a TON on there and you can even download more (within the app).  They also have filters specifically for selfies with your dog!

Any “snap” you take with a filter can be saved to your camera roll so you can post it on whatever social media channel you prefer (we prefer Instagram and Facebook, personally).

If you’re not really keen on selfies, or just want to make your selfies more fun, then filters are something you definitely need to try!

Tip Number 10:

Take a bunch…introducing burst mode

Did you know if you hold your finger down on the photo button your phone will take a “burst” of photos?  No?  Well, welcome to burst mode!

This feature is super helpful if you are trying to capture a selfie with your dog, because it takes a ton of photos really fast.

The longer you hold the button, the more photos it will take in this mode.  BUT, word of caution, be sure to go through the burst and select just a few photos and delete the rest.  Otherwise you’re going to run out of memory really, really fast.

shutterstock 1588851865
How to Take a Selfie with Your Chihuahua 8

Tip Number 11:

Sometimes it’s just best to do a screen grab

Ever want to capture a photo like the one above…where you’re both sweetly cuddling, eyes closed, enjoying each other’s embrace?  Or, maybe your dog just won’t stop moving.  Well, this is where that screen grab (or capture) feature comes in handy!

Instead of taking a photo, choose video.  Then, record your selfie with your dog.  For a photo like the one above, try to move the camera in small increments (slowly) to make sure you will absolutelycapture the right angle even with your eyes closed.

Then, review your video, and use the side buttons (your screengrab buttons) to capture the image!  Ta-da!


For the perfect selfie with your Chihuahua

Indoors?  Or just want better lighting?  Invest in a selfie ring light!  These super cool little devices clip on your phone and provide nice, even lighting for the ultimate selfie.

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