If you love dogs, you know that furry paws make no difference in their place in our hearts. This woman, who got fired after taking day off to grieve dog would agree.

Our pups are family, and the loss of a dog is devastating. Emma McNulty felt the heartbreak of losing her beloved companion when her dog of 14 years, Milly, unfortunately, passed away. Emma and her family were crushed by the sudden loss and struggled to make it through that difficult day.

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Emma was scheduled to work that afternoon at a local shop in Scotland. And, she was shocked at the events that were soon to unfold.

She messaged her manager explaining the terrible loss that she and her family had just endured. But, she was met with absolute hostility when she told her manager that she would not be able to work her shift.

Emma explained that she felt physically ill due to the pain of losing Milly. She also told her how Milly was just as important to her as any other family member. Even after explaining Milly’s significance, her boss was unwilling to give her time off to grieve.

Grieve Dog – The Cost

Instead of the compassion that she deserved, she was sent multiple messages explaining that if she were not able to find coverage for her shift, she would face disciplinary action.

The shop’s manager was unwilling to provide bereavement time for the loss of her dog and did not see any significance in the loss, which was obviously so important to Emma and her family.

After her search for a replacement was unsuccessful, she was soon let go over an email.

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Instead of letting this experience knock her down, Emma has vowed to make a change. She will now fight for bereavement leave in the workplace when employees have a pet that passes away and the fair treatment of employees while they are experiencing the loss of their furry family members.

“I think it’s disgusting how some companies think it’s acceptable to treat someone in this way with no remorse, as a family pet has just as much importance as a human family member.”

Emma is dedicated to fighting for the rights of all employees and the right to know that you can grieve your loved ones in peace, without the threat of repercussions, including termination. Hopefully, with her passion for the matter, this can soon be a possibility for every workplace!

If you would like to support her cause, click here to sign her petition!

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