CHIHUAHUA puppy Bianca snuggles up with her new best mate — blind Great Dane Shelby.

The little-and-large chums bonded at an animal rescue centre and cute videos of them together have gone viral online.

Shelby, the blind great dane , had already been adopted by Shirley Credit: Mercury Press

Shirley Zindler, founder of Dogwood Animal Rescue in Sebastopol, California, took in Bianca five weeks ago after her mum died giving birth. Three-year-old Shelby would sit with her as she bottle-fed Bianca.

The doggy duo rest together happily Credit: Mercury Press

Shirley said: “It’s unusual to see different-sized dogs play with each other. Shelby is quite patient with Bianca — but will push her away to make her stop if she’s biting.”

Despite the size difference, the two dogs have formed an unbreakable bond Credit: Mercury Press

Source: thesun

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