When we adopt a dog, we may not realize how attached we become to these angelic animals. A loyal dog is more than just a dog. They are family – and sometimes, even more. If you ever wonder what unconditional love looks like, you should get a puppy.

A puppy, if trained well with love, care, and a little bit of discipline, will become a loyal dog and an unmatched friend. They will be waiting for you when you get home just to lap you up with their kisses. They will make sure that you feel loved and wanted.

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Oftentimes, depressed people mention how they come back to their empty rooms and wish they could just kill themselves. Depressed people often crave for this love that a loyal dog bestows upon their master.

In return, they ask for nothing – an hour of exercise, food, and a bit of patting. Even if you have children, there will be no better baby sitter than a loyal dog. Loyal dogs are known to even guard flights of stairs so that babies don’t go near it and fall.

So, is it a surprise that the death of such an animal can break your heart into pieces?

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It’s really difficult to understand the degree of pain that a person goes through when their loyal dog dies. But some scientists tried to look into this. The Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico conducted the study. When they asked dog owners how it felt when a dog passed away, they said that the pain was immeasurable.

It was difficult to take care of. Some researchers have also found out that according to them, the death of their pet seemed to be more lasting than the death of a loved one. While both the death may be expected – since dying is natural, dog owners are a lot more attached to their dogs. Losing them is almost similar to losing a soul mate. If your heart loses a soul mate, the pain never really subsides – it just stays there – throbbing you from inside.

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The thing is – your pet will die one day. The least you can do is ensure that you are spending every moment with your pet to its fullest potential.

Remember – every moment counts.

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