Meet Turbo, an adorable Chihuahua puppy who is missing his front two legs.

Source from instagram : turboRoo

Due to a birth defect, the legs in question are severely underdeveloped.

Source from instagram : turboRoo

The couple who owned the litter brought Turbo to veterinarian Amy Birk, the hospital manager at The Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis.

With Turbo’s best interests in mind, the couple insisted that they did not want the lively puppy to be put down.

Source from instagram : turboRoo

The immediate challenge became clear: dogs with disabilities aren’t typically fitted for carts until they’re at least 6 months old, due to their rapid growth. Turbo was only 4 months old but in need of some help.

Source from instagram : turboRoo

So Birk and her team took matters into their own hands. And after some trial and error…

Source from instagram : turboRoo

…they cracked the code.

Source from instagram : turboRoo

Birk and her team managed to build a makeshift cart of their own out of wheels from a Fisher Price helicopter and pipes from a toy welding kit.

Source from instagram : turboRoo

Turbo is apparently gaining weight and is “on the right track healthwise.” In an interview with, Birk reports, “He’s got a lot of life in him.”

Source from instagram : turboRoo

It’s little sensitive, yes for we all, but finally, he got some special life!

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  1. Georgette says:

    This is wonderful! How did you make this? My little chi girl has no use of her front legs and I would love to make something like this for her, do you have a plan available?

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