Nicola McLean was chatting live to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. That’s when the postman riled her dog up at the worst moment.

Nicola McLean was left a little red-faced when her angry dog interrupted her This Morning interview. Read to end you will find the video.

The glamour model appeared live on the ITV show over video chat when her pet became agitated.

The hilarious moment was caused by bad timing. This happened as her Chihuahua’s arch nemesis, the postman, arrived just at the wrong time.

Nicola McLean, Nicola McLean Left Interview Because of Chi
Nicola’s dog started barking at the postman (Image: ITV)

Nicola was sharing her views on the increasing popularity of video group chats in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown when things started to go wrong.

Catching sight of the postman out of the corner of her eye, Nicola, 38, apologised in advanced, knowing exactly what was about to happen.

How Nicola McLean Handled the Incident

She told the hosts: “Oh my god guys, my postman has just come to the door, so if my Chihuahua starts going mad I’m sorry.

“And I’m on my own as well, well the boys are here, but I’m on my own.”

Nicola started sharing her views, saying that if someone doesn’t want to join a group chat with their friends they should simply just say they’re bored of it.

Nicola McLean, Nicola McLean Left Interview Because of Chi
Holly and Phil couldn’t stop laughing (Image: ITV)
Nicola McLean, Nicola McLean Left Interview Because of Chi
The postman arrived at the worst time (Image: ITV)

But she was interrupted by her dog, who started growling at the sheer sight of its mortal enemy.

Nicola covered her dog’s mouth and said “shush”, trying her best to carry on with what she was saying.

The camera went back to split-screen, showing Holly and Phil covering their mouths as they chuckled at the awkward moment.

Nicola McLean, Nicola McLean Left Interview Because of Chi
She did her best to finish the interview (Image: ITV)

“I’m so sorry,” Nicola said as she pulled an embarrassed face and did her best to keep her dog quiet.

The dog’s ears pricked up at the noises coming from the front door and it started barking, clearly wanting to go off and investigate what was going on.

Holly and Phil couldn’t stop giggling as Nicola shouted “shush” at her dog as she tried to get through what she was saying and get her point across.

She asked: “Can you believe this is happening? Honestly! Only me could this happen to.”

Holly joked that at least Nicola has a good guard dog looking out for her.


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