OAKLAND, New Jersey — A disabled and overweight Chihuahua is on the road to recovery after he was rescued from a crate on the side of a highway.

Stanley was found locked in the crate on the side of the highway with cars speeding by.

His rescuers at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge say he was frozen from fear when he was discovered on the side of the road.

Stanley is believed to be 8 years old and weighs 21 pounds, more than twice what he should, rendering him immobile. All four of his legs have deformities, so he is unable to walk.

He is now in a foster home where he is receiving the love and attention he deserves.

He will need to lose weight in order to be fitted for a wheelchair and has a long road ahead of weight loss, therapy and medical care.

If you’re interested, you can make a donation to RBARI to help

Source: abc7chicago

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