Pint Sized Chihuahua Takes a Piggyback Ride on His Accommodating Dog Beach Pal
These two pups can’t help but cuddle in this undated photo provided by their owner.
 Jenny Leech—’Big Ben and Tiny Tim’ on Facebook


Avideo of two dogs who are as thick as thieves is making the rounds on the internet.

In the clip shared Sunday on the “Big Ben and Tiny Tim” Facebook page, these two cuties looked like the best of friends as Tiny Tim rode Big Ben’s back across Gypsy Glen Lake in McHenry, Ill.

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Big Ben, a Great Pyrenees and labrador mix, is almost ten years old, and Tiny Tim is a three-year-old Chihuahua, Jenny Leech, their owner, tells TIME.

Gypsy Glen is actually a private lake just for dogs that owners like Leech can rent out for some time in the summer, making it a “dog beach,” she says. “It’s our favorite spot.”

Pint Sized Chihuahua Takes a Piggyback Ride on His Accommodating Dog Beach Pal 2
In this undated photo, Big Ben and Tiny Tim are just clearly the best of friends.

The video of the two pups was quick to go viral online, earning over a thousand views. After all, who doesn’t love watching pets play with each other?

Their Facebook page is full of other adorable moments of the two (along with the owner’s other dogs), if you’re looking for more dog content.

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