Chihuahua 3D-Printed Heartbeat LED Night


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Chihuahua Heartbeat Night Light, Cute Animal Silhouette LED Bedside Lamp, Gift for Animal Lovers and Pet Owners, Nursery Decoration

Chihuahuas are well known for their abilities to awe hearts, but what if we told you that they can lighten them too? This hand-crafted 3D print of night light is fascinating to look at, and heartwarming to sleep next to. The plastic LED lamp features a small Chihuahua all propped up, looking up and ready to fight with someone if needed.

The main reason why we love this night light is that you can find it in almost any color. The personalized lamp comes in black, glitter black, glitter violet, navy blue, ocean blue, green, gold, pink, red, and wood. And the best thing about it? The night light is entirely made out of natural and renewable raw materials, so you’ll be protecting the environment while lighting it too.

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Black, Glitter Black, Glitter Violet, Gold, Green, Navy Blue, Ocean Blue, Pink, Red, Wood Tone


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