Mila, a seven-week-old pug, born with bilateral luxated elbows, died of cardiac arrest under anesthesia. The Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary announced the sad news after the upside down paws pup became famous online.

Puppy with upside down paws passes away


An animal sanctuary in Oklahoma is mourning the loss of a rescued seven-week-old pug puppy with a rare birth condition. 

The Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary shared the heartbreaking update on Facebook. Jennie Hays, the facility’s founder, revealed that the rescue puppy, Mila, who was born with upside down paws died from cardiac arrest during surgery to correct her condition.  

“I don’t know how to say this, and I can barely physically even type this. But I promised I would keep you updated,” Hays wrote on behalf of the sanctuary. “Mila went into cardiac arrest under anesthesia. And, despite 12 attempts at CPR and everything humanly possible to revive her, we could not revive her.”

Upside Down Paws and a Huge Heart

“I cannot even begin to accept or process this. Her loss is too big. She was so loved and we are eviscerated, as are her vet team,” the statement continued. “Please allow us some time to even begin this soul-crushing process of grieving her. I would do anything to have a better update.”

Puppy with upside down paws passes away


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Skiatook Paws and Claws Rescue rescued the pug with her brother, who also had the condition but only in one leg, and then reached out to Oliver and Friends, which has experience caring for pets with special needs, for help.

“Without surgery, she will never walk, run, or play like a normal dog,” Oliver and Friends wrote in a Facebook post introducing Mila on May 16 and comparing the pug to a dog named Milo, a canine with the same condition that the rescue helped previously.

“If you’ve followed us with Milo, you know how necessary this is for a normal life. Milo did incredible and we have no doubts (though always anxiety, as with any animal facing major surgery) Mila will do incredible too. After all, she’s got Milo to cheer her on!” the post continued.

Puppy with upside down paws passes away;


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Following Mila’s tragic death, many people shared their condolences to the Oliver and Friends staff on social media.

“Oh guys, I’m so sorry. You did everything you could. She was very loved. Thank you for giving her a chance,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another person added, “Absolutely heartbreaking! RIP Mila! Run free little girl, run free! Prayers for all you wonderful volunteers. .”

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