We have heard tons of stories when people rescue sweet dogs in need, but tin today’s story a dog decided to make some efforts to save herself first.

Humane Society International India

The Humane International Society (HSI) India staff, were so busy doing their work that they didn’t even notice when a dog passed their office and went to take a nap on their couch.

The sweet canine needed immediate help and some good sleep to regain her strength.

The deputy director of HSI, Alokparna Sengupta, told for the Dodo they noticed the dogs presence only because of the stench.

Humane Society International India

“Her skin condition was serious — she had mange and her ears were bleeding.”

When they noticed the dog, immediately ran to feed her but seeing all these humans coming at her the poor animal got scared and managed to run away.

The staff were so sad when the dog ran away when they saw how much she needed help, but the next day dog decided to show again and the shelter made sure she won’t run again, at least until she gets the help she so desperately needs.

Humane Society International India

The dog that they named Fairy later, went again to the couch and fell asleep, she was offered to eat and was brought to the vet.

The vet said the dog’s mange is worse than it looks like and she barely has fur, poor animal was so scared but somehow sensed she was getting the help she needs.

“When I went to pick her up to take her to the doctor, her skin was peeling off,” Sengupta said. “But she was and is an angel. No complaint or stress. I guess fate brought her to the right place and she knew it.”

Humane Society International India

The canine was in good health conditions despite her looks, so the vet gave her proper medications and the healing journey began.

The dog had the infection for quite some time now, but sadly had no one to take care of it.

“She had probably been suffering for a couple of months and was shooed away because of the way she looked,”

Sweet Fairy knew she was in good loving hands now, she never resisted or complained and was thankful for all the help and attention she was receiving from the staff that loved her so much.

Humane Society International India

“She has been an extremely patient and happy dog,” Sengupta said. “After the second day at the boarding kennel, she immediately trusted the volunteers and patiently had a bath every single week. After her recovery, we realized what a happy and friendly dog she was.”

The fairy had a difficult start in life but managed to have her happy ending, after the 6 months healing process she found her forever home, people that worked with Fairy saw how quiet and lovely dog she was, they call her human parents really lucky having her.

Humane Society International India

It was so smart from the dog to search for help on her own, but we are happy she got exactly what she needed by the ordeal.

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