When Shannon Lorio got in her car and went for a drive after an argument with her husband, the events that followed changed her life forever.

The Georgia woman headed for a road known for having very little traffic and enjoyed blowing off some steam as she navigated the windy rural roads.

But the exhilaration would soon be met with horror when she lost control of her car and ended up in a ditch on the side of the road after being thrown through the rear window of her car in the crash.

She faded in and out of consciousness and was unable to stand up. At one point she was woken by hot breath on her face and opened her eyes to see a dog over her.

Shannon fell back into unconsciousness and was woken again by a dragging sensation. The stray dog, later named Hero, was dragging her from the car wreckage by her jacket.

This amazing dog managed to drag injured Shannon 100 ft to the side of the road and she was able to put her arms around the dog’s neck and pull herself up.

Shannon flagged down a passing car and the driver called 911 as well as Shannon’s husband.

Once in the safety of a hospital bed, doctors discovered that Shannon had an intracranial hemorrhage, which if left untreated may have killed her. If it wasn’t for Hero’s actions Shannon may not have survived the crash.

Shannon wasn’t able to keep the gorgeous German Shepherd who had saved her life but he was adopted by Heidy Drawdy, a canine search and rescue trainer, according to iheartdogs.com.

Now Hero is putting his amazing skills to even more good use and has the loving home he deserves.

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