Going on long country walks and watching your dog run over hills and splash through puddles can be a great stress relief – until you get home.

It’s not much fun trying to stop a wet, muddy dog from leaving marks on your walls and floors, and making your furniture damp once you get inside.

But a clever dog drying robe from Amazon is the answer to adventure-loving dog owners’ problems, solving the issue of how to get your pup clean and dry within seconds.

This dog drying robe has become a popular choice on Amazon thanks to its ability to get mucky pups warm and dry after their walks or baths

Simply throw the drying coat robe towel over your dog’s back, secure under their stomach, and cuddle them dry.

There are options for puppies right up to large dogs with four sizes from Small to XL Large, and there’s a useful measurement chart so you can fit the perfect fit for your pet.

It’s little wonder that the useful accessory has quickly become a popular choice on Amazon with nearly 1,300 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

‘I cannot praise this dog drying towel enough, it really is brilliant,’ commented one of the customers who gave it a full five stars. ‘So easy to put on. My border collie just loves it. All dry in no time. No more shaking all over the place.’  

Another contented pet owner added: ‘Absolutely amazing invention… We use it after a bath, walking in the rain and when in water. Leave it on for 20-30mins and his coat is dry after it.’

The robe towel can be cleaned in the washing machine in between uses so there’s no need to worry if it becomes really grubby.

Made from 400G microfiber, it is not only super-soft but it absorbs water quickly and will keep your dog warm and cosy while they dry off.

Lightweight and easy to transport, some people keep their robes in the car to warm up their dogs immediately after walks.

One reviewer wrote: ‘Really happy with this robe – use it every damp morning after towel drying my 2-year-old cocker spaniel off. 

‘The small size fits her perfectly and the quality of the stitching looks as though it should last long term. I’ve actually ordered a 2nd one to keep in the boot of the car.’

Source: dailymail

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