Dogs are not called “man’s best friend” for no reason or just because. They are beautiful creatures that are always ready to give nothing but the purest form of love. And in this case, they offered us a blanket to keep warm.

Just like this little dog named Lana! Although she was just eight months old, she knew how impacting a simple gesture of kindness can be to someone, especially to her kind.

A stray dog.

Lana lived her early life in the streets of Brazil until one day. She got rescued together with her siblings. Shortly after being rescued, she was legally adopted by Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiancé.

From eating scraps or whatever they found on the street, Lana was blessed with everything: a new family, a new home, and lots of sumptuous food. The stray dog became a loved pup who was beyond grateful for the things she started to have from the day Suelen brought her home.

Despite having everything in life, Lana hasn’t forgotten what her life was like on the streets – having nothing.

Empathy and kindness.

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When the temperature started to drop down in their region, Suelen bought Lana a thicker blanket. She wanted to make sure her pup still enjoyed the chilly weather.

Little did she know, the blanket would warm up not just Lana but another pooch too!

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One day, when Suelen’s fiancé was about to go to work, he noticed an unusual sight right in front of their house. There, he saw Lana was dozing off near their fence, and she was with another dog.

As it turned out, she dragged her new blanket outside and shared it with the dog, most likely freezing outside.

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According to Suelen, she had seen that dog before, and it was near their house the day before the incident happened. Although the dog was often on the street, she wasn’t sure if it was homeless.

It was hard confirming whether the dog was stray or not because it was too aloof to humans.

Lana, however, managed to befriend the unknown dog.

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They failed to discover how long the dog had been wandering around their area or who its owners were. The only thing that’s clear to them was that Lana became the dog’s friend, and that night, she decided to share her new blanket to protect it from the cold weather.

She knew what it’s like to have nothing, and she’s never forgotten what it’s like to be homeless. Lana is an excellent example of how we should treat those in need.

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Sometimes, they even teach us humans, how to show genuine compassion. With all the unfortunate things happening in the world, it’s what we need now. Just like what Lana did, a little kindness can heal all those wounds in no time.

Watch the video below to know more about this story featuring an animal’s kindness.

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