Do you dream about dogs? When you close your eyes do you see a wide-open field with dogs as far as the eye can see?

The dream was a reality during the second annual Fest of Chihuahuas held outside London! Hundreds of Chihuahuas and their owners were invited to participate in the event, celebrating the teeny breed!

Festival-goers enjoyed rubbing shoulders with celebrity dogs, fun and games, shopping, and “Chi-Idol”, a talent show for Chihuahuas! The entire event was topped off by a Guinness World Record official attempt for World’s Largest Dog Yoga!

The Summer of Love themed event, which takes place annually at Royal Windsor Racecourse, sees a mixture of stars and Chihuahua lovers descend to celebrate the miniature pooches.

Rachel Monk, the creator of the festival, and business partner Isa Randall re-imagined the Beatles’ Abbey Road album with Haus of Chihuahuas canine crew Rocco, Indie, Lucky and Rhapsody to promote the event.

Now a world record number of Chihuahuas, and their adoring owners, have bagged tickets to this year’s event – which was the first, original festival homage to the canines.

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Visitors will be able to show off their prize pooches, take part in a number of unique activities – including the Chi Idol dog show, which, over the past four years has seen thousands of Chihuahuas vying for the coveted Best in Show title.

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source: luckychihuahua from instagram

Celebrity judges arrived looking FIERCE.

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source: luckychihuahua instagram

There were vendors selling cute, chihuahua-sized clothing.

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source: panchos_wardrobe from instagram

…because chihuahuas look especially dashing in floral print!

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source eliz_bug instagram

This pretty girl looks outright regal in her photobooth picture!

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source eliz_bug instagram

And the main event – DOGA!

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source: chihuahuapowerdotdog instagram

These dogs have excellent form! Their people aren’t doing too bad, either.

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source: cleverdogco instagram

This day was absolutely for the dogs – and they loved it! Fest of Chihuahuas really gave this teeny breed a chance to shine!

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