Dogs come in various shapes and sizes, all with different personalities that make them unique. But what are the most affectionate dog breeds?

These are 10 of the dog breeds thought to be the most loving – do you agree?

1. Great Dane

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Although the great dane may be a large dog, this doesn’t make it any less loving. This breed is one of the best-natured dogs, boasting a gentle, playful, and affectionate personality.

2. Golden Retriever

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Golden retrievers are a very loving and playful breed of dog. They are intelligent, affectionate, and kind in nature.

3. Border Collie

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The border collie is a loving breed of dog that develops a deep bond with its owners. They are also energetic, smart, and loyal.

4. Pug

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Pugs are dogs that love to give love and be loved. They enjoy cuddling up on their human’s lap and will show their affection in an abundance of ways.

5. Chihuahua

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Chihuahuas have very big hearts and are a very affectionate breed of dog. They are playful, intelligent, and very loving.

6. Bulldog

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Bulldogs are calm, confident, and very cuddly. They’re an affectionate and low-maintenance breed of dog.

7. Bichon Frise

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The bichon frise loves to play and has a gentle, affectionate, and loving nature.

8. Boxer

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Boxer dogs are known for being playful, energetic, loyal and friendly. They love affection and enjoy being paid attention and given lots of strokes and cuddles.

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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This breed of dog has a lot of love to give and enjoys being around its humans.

10. Labrador

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Labradors are known for being loyal, gentle, and loving dogs, who are eager to please and love a cuddle.

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