People can’t stop snapping these handsome pups, because they’re the most photogenic dog breeds.

We are a nation of dog lovers. And, it appears that we just can’t stop taking photos of our four-legged friends. And, when our pups look so adorable and charming, it would be rude not to share those pics with our loved ones…

photogenic dog, The 10 Most Photogenic Dog Breeds has analyzed data from Instagram to see which dogs were photographed and shared the most in 2020. They took the five most popular hashtags for 43 common breeds.

The top spot for most photogenic dogs went to the Pug. The pug has been tagged a vast 53 million times this year. Small dog breeds seem to have stolen the show in general. The second place going to the Chihuahua (48 million tags) and third to the French Bulldog (40.1 million).

Photogenic Dog Breeds

The question remains whether this is simply a reflection of the Instagram audience. And which breeds are most popular among that age group. Still, it’s also interesting to see less ‘fashionable’ (but equally adored) breeds. These include the Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, and Beagle in the top 10.

This makes sense, as another recent study predicted the Labrador Retriever to be the second most popular dog breed in 2021. Labradors have also been the third most popular puppy bought in 2020 which has driven the price of them up from £943 to £1,558 if you choose to buy as opposed to adopt a puppy.

Some of the social media’s most unloved breeds include Patterdales, Dobermanns, and Bullmastiffs – although we think this is thoroughly undeserved and urge all and any owners of these breeds to show them off a bit more!

Instagramming to Back Up the Science

A spokesperson for Public Desire said: “As a nation of dog lovers, we Brits love showing off our pets, and let’s face it, who doesn’t appreciate a cute puppy pic? We even go so far as to dedicate entire social media profiles to our beloved furry friends. Some accounts have as many as 10 million followers, like Jiff the Pomeranian!”

photogenic dog, The 10 Most Photogenic Dog Breeds

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