If you are a fan of the feisty Chihuahua, this song is gonna be your jam. This catchy Chihuahua Cha-Cha song will get your feet tapping as it extolls the virtues of the Chihuahua breed. Watch out, because it’s also pretty addictive! And lets the party begin.

The Song Lyrics

Cha-cha-cha! I’m a cha-cha-cha Chihuahua,
I’m the smallest dog in town
I never have to walk
Because they carry me around

When I am a puppy,
I’m no bigger than a cup
And I get no bigger
Even when I am grown up!


Everybody thinks I’m cute
I can fit into a handbag,
Or the pocket of a suit

I think I’m getting sleepy,
It’s siesta time, you know!
I’m a cha-cha-cha Chi
And I come from Mexico!


And I’m not afraid to fight!
I bit a Great Dane one time
But he did not feel the bite

You think just because I’m tiny,
So tough I am not
Peppers they are tiny,
But, señor, they’re pretty hot!


And I watch your house for you
Maybe I can’t catch a burglar
But I’ll catch a mouse or two!

I think I’m getting sleepy
It’s siesta time, you know.
Yeah I’m a Chihuahua
And I come from Mexico!

Chi dancing the Chihuahua cha cha song
Chi dancing the Chihuahua cha cha song

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