Staff at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm are seeking new homes for 23 Yorkie-Chihuahuas. The small dogs came from a Worcester home on March 7. They range in age from 1 to 16 years old. 

The 23 Yorkie-Chihuahuas are residing at the MSPCA
The 23 Yorkie-Chihuahuas are residing at the MSPCA

The previous owners scrambled to care for the dogs after losing their own home and ultimately called MSPCA for help, according to the agency.

“This is a case where the situation grew out of control and left [the previous owners] with little recourse but to ask for our help, which we will always extend to people and animals in need,” Nevins Farm Director Meaghan O’Leary said in a statement.  “Now the dogs are in our care. And we’re going to do everything possible to ready them for new homes as soon as we can.”

The Yorkie Chihuahuas Looking for Homes

Overall the dogs are in fine health, save for some dental issues, according to the MSPCA. All will need to be spayed, neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated before going home with new families. 

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Because of the conditions the dogs were living in, many are under-socialized, so the MSPCA says patient adapters are needed for the Yorkie Chihuahua mix dogs. 

MSPCA at Nevins Farm hopes to wrap up behavioral and health evaluations for all the Chihuahua Yorkie mix pups.

“We’re keen to line up adopters because this is a fairly large number of Yorkie Chihuahua dogs to take in all at once,” said O’Leary, who also relayed that five dogs had been transferred to the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center in Jamaica Plain.

The Yorkie Chihuahua mix dogs will start being available for adoption in the next few days. Anyone interested can learn more on MSPCA’s website

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