Many people spend all their money on themselves, others splash the cash on their kids, while others use their hard-earned income to care for their fur babies.

The dog walker owns not one, but five absolutely adorable sausage dogs and has turned them into social media stars-dressing them in cute matching outfits and sharing snaps of their antics.

Yet all of this doesn’t come cheap and every month Harriet admits spending a “small fortune” on Ivy, Button, Duke, Missy and Apple.

How much are you asking? The dog mum spends around £ 800 on clothing, treats, toys, furniture, beds, photo shoots, covers, food insurance and pets.

Despite the heavy number, Harriet has no regrets as her pups are “every penny worth”

“They’re certainly whimsical pooches,” she said. “We have so many clothes and accessories, toys and so many things that we do, we go swimming every week and they do agility every week too.

“We never leave the house naked, we have some pretty spectacular fancy dress costumes.” When we go out and say how good they look, we often get remarks.

The first sausage dog, Missy, was purchased by Harriet 10 years ago after asking the parents to let her have one.

Missy went on to have two litters of puppies, and Harriet kept one, button and duke, from each.

Duke soon found love with a dachshund called Ivy and had his own child, so that the family grew when Harriet decided to hold one of their puppies, adding Apple to make a total of five.

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