The youngster ‘stepped his mom’s pet Chihuahua to death’ at that point went to see his friends

Shykeim Basden, 19, reportedly stomped his mother’s pet Chihuahua Coco to death, then went to see his friends (Picture: Boston25News)

A 19-year-old boy stomped his mother’s pet Chihuahua to death, then went to see his pals, police say. Suspected animal abuser Shykeim Basden reportedly killed the dog, named Coco, at his mother’s home in Weymouth, Massachusetts, on Monday afternoon.

Basden’s unnamed mother reportedly witnessed the horrific slaughter, and said that her son also threatened to burn her house down, it is alleged. After killing Coco, Basden is said to have picked the Chihuahua’s corpse up and fled with it bundled in his arms.

He left before police arrived, with his mom telling officers she believed Basden was going to throw the animal in a nearby pond. Police who responded to the scene searched the perimeter of the pond for Coco and found the dog’s corpse dumped close to a house.

Basden was arrested later on Monday evening after he was spotted hanging out with his friends. He has been charged with cruelty to animals, the malicious killing of a domestic animal, threat to commit a crime, and vandalism to property.

The teen was held overnight without bail Boston25 reported.

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