Wild animals shouldn’t be kept in captivity. There are a lot of reasons why, one of them being that animals lose their motherly instinct while locked and therefore they reject their cubs soon after being born. Such was the story of this tiger cub.

Even after these animals get rescued, it is pretty hard to get back to their instincts.

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The same story happened to the little Bengal tiger cub named Hunter.

Hunter was born at the Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South African,  unfortunately, the little cub of three months got rejected by his mom immediately after it was born.

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The Tiger Cub and the Little Pup

The center staff was distraught about the little one’s life. For a rejected cub it’s so difficult finding someone that can comfort him as his mom should.

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“We believe that Hunter was born at a time when the female must have felt compromised in some way as she rejected him,” Anthea Michaletos, volunteer at the sanctuary said.

Fortunately for this little one things were better than anyone expected,  that is because he met a little German pointer puppy named Chelsea that wasn’t older than him.

These little ones now are inseparable thanks to Anthea. “In the mornings when I take Chelsea out, she will run to his cage and greet him,” she said. “There is a lot of wrestling involved, Chelsea pushes him over and then he jumps on her. For him to have a four legged friend is very helpful because he can play in the same way that he would with another littermate. He was the only cub in his litter and it’s very important for him to have a companion.”

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According to Anthea, this special bond can end in a few months after Hunter turns six months old, that’s for the safety of the pooch.

Still this is the sweetest thing we have witnessed lately.

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Source: https://paragrafi.net/tiger-cub-rejected-by-mother-finds-a-best-friend-in-little-puppy/

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