This is the incredible story of Tony Hawk, the Chihuahua that fell from the sky due to a hawk attack, and still managed to wondrously survive.

In January 2019, a couple of construction workers started hearing a puppy crying. The workers stopped what they were doing and quickly began searching. They looked around the construction site but couldn’t find the puppy anywhere.

They started searching and following the sound, but they found nothing, but they still heard the cries. So one of them looked above and realized the screams were coming from above. It was heartbreaking when they saw a small Chihuahua pup gripped in the talons of a hawk who was circling the sky with it.

The Chihuahua that fell from the sky
The Chihuahua that fell from the sky

There, in the sky, was a hawk flying around with a tiny puppy clutched between his claws. They were all completely shocked and didn’t know what to do, but the hawk released the Chihuahua, who came careening down. So, the workers ran over to check on the pup and could not believe what they saw.

Tony Hawk – the Miracle Chihuahua

Fortunately, the pup was hurt, but letting the workers scoop him and bring him to the nearest veterinarian wasn’t wrong. Here he was examined and known that he would be fine.

Tony Hawk - the miracle Chihuahua
Tony Hawk – the miracle Chihuahua

The tiny puppy, taken to Austin Animal Center (AAC), had several scratches, bruises, and bumps. But keeping in mind that he was thrown from the sky by a hawk, he was in fantastic shape. He was given IV fluids to build his strength after the horrible incident with the hawk.

Thankfully, the little Chihuahua named Tony Hawk is now recovering and receiving proper nutrition, and he will be available for adoption once he is completely healed.

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