Don’t stress out if you haven’t picked a reputation for your Chihuahua yet because we’ve compiled an inventory of the highest 100 boys and girl Chihuahua names and naming tips below.

Choosing a reputation for your Chihuahua may be a big decision that should not be taken lightly. After all, it isn’t something you’ll easily change a couple of years down the road if you opt that you simply not love it.

Dogs learn through repetition and teaching your Chihuahua their name would require you to talk it dozens of times per day. this is often why it is vital for owners to settle on a meaningful and catchy name to which they will relate.

Top 100 Boy Chihuahua Names
Top 100 Girl Chihuahua Names
Aaron Abby
Ace Alley
A.J. Angel
Alex Annie
Ash Athena
Ashton Babette
Amos Belle
Atom Bessie
Astro Bina
Bailey Bindy
Bandit Bitsy
Benjamin Blondie
Bert Boo Boo
Benji Buffy
Biscuit Butters
Blake Buttercup
Boss Candy
Benny Caramel
Buzz Casey
Boo Boo Cassy
Bruno CeCe
Bruiser Chanel
Buttercup Charlie
Casper Chloe
Chip Chiffon
Chico Christina
Colt Cinnamon
Chief Coco
Cash Chrissy
Denny Daisy
Devil Dakota
Ernie Elise
Elvis Elle
Elroy Emma
Felix Evelyn
Filo Farrah
Fizz Foxy
Gizmo Frankie
Hero Frenchie
Ham Genie
Hugo Gigi
Handsome Ginger
Iggy Giselle
Ice Goldilocks
Jag Gucci
Jaden Gumdrop
Kenju Havana
King Hermes
Kong Honey
Kaine Hope
Lasher Indigo
Lad Ivy
Lucky Jasmine
Louie Juliet
Lion Justice
Max Karma
Mini Lexi
Mack Lexus
Might Lilac
Night Lilly
Ninja Lola
Nitro Lolita
Oppie Lucy
Oliver Lulu
Oscar Mariachi
Otis Martini
Peanut Mary Jane
Paw-Paw Mercedes
Popeye Mocha
Paine Mona Lisa
Pie-Boy Monroe
Prancer Muffin
Pup Paris
Quincy Peaches
Ranger Peanut
Ralph Penelope
Rover Penny
Rebel Pinkie
Ringo Piper
Rex Polly
Rhino Princess
Slasher Queenie
Socks Rainbow
Scooter Sadie
Stevie Sienna
Sesame Simone
Spots Skittles
Scooby Stella
Tiny Sugar
Tick Sweet Pea
Teenie Tahiti
Thor Tequila
Tackle Tinkerbell
Thrasher Tippy
Tom-Tom Tulip
Tango Twinkie
Woogie Venti
Waffle Visa
Zeb Yasmine
Ziggy Zoey

Names supported Your Chihuahua’s Personality

Chihuahuas are well-known for his or her unique personality and characteristics. If you would like to require full advantage of this, consider naming your Chihuahua something associated with his or her personality. Doing so is that the perfect thanks to letting the planet know just what sort of dog they’re.

If your Chihuahua features a funny or unique personality (which most of them do!), then you should not have a drag finding a reputation to suit them. for instance, if your Chihuahua likes to pounce on their toys, you’ll name them “Tiger.”

Chihuahuas are the littlest dog breed within the world, but if you have ever owned one you recognize they do not act love it. When faced against a dog two or maybe 3 times their size, they’ll show their teeth while holding their ground. If this seems like your Chihuahua, you’ll name them something ferocious, like “Bruiser” “Bowser” or “Rex.” the simplest a part of naming your Chihuahua after their personality is that the unique and private touch it adds.

Big or Small Names

Even though the Chihuahua breed holds the title for the littlest dog breed, you’ll choose either small or large names for them. the rationale this two-sided naming principle works so well with Chihuahuas is due to their large personality. Small names like “Bitty, “Amos,” and “Tinkerbell,” “Mouse,” and “Twinkie” are just a few ideas that relate to their physical size. On the opposite hand, “Titan” or “Hulk” are two popular Chihuahua names that display their big personalities.

Boy or Girl Names

Many owners overlook the importance of selecting a reputation that “fits” the gender of their Chihuahua. Whether you’ve got a boy or girl Chihuahua, you ought to take this into consideration when choosing their name. Naming a boy Chihuahua “Bambi” or “Jasmine” probably is not the most suitable option. Instead, accompany a reputation that’s suited towards the male gender, like “Baxter” or “Amos.”

Names supported Color Coat

Chihuahua coats are available a near-endless sort of colors and markings. One popular naming method employed by owners is to settle on a reputation that’s supported their Chihuahua’s coat. If your Chihuahua is all black, “Midnight” would be an appropriate name.

A gray Chihuahua might be named “Smokey.” If your Chihuahua is all white, maybe “Snowflake” would be an honest name for them. the chances are endless when it involves naming your Chihuahua supported their coat.

Chihuahua Naming Tips

Many owners make the error of calling their Chihuahua by two or more different names. Once you think that of a reputation for your Chihuahua, persist with it and only call them using the name you’ve chosen. Don’t go making up nicknames or variations either. Calling your Chihuahua multiple names will confuse them, so only use one name.

In addition, you ought to also avoid names that sound familiar to any commands you’ve trained your Chihuahua with, also as names of other relations within the house. you would like your Chihuahua’s name to be unique and distinct so they’ll better recognize it when spoken.

What’s your favorite Chihuahua name? allow us to know within the comments section below.

  1. Judy Isler-Herrod says:

    My Chihuahua was named Rafiki. I loved him so much!

    1. Terri Thompson says:

      My girl Bay Bay is her name but I pronounce it baby and she loves it,unlike most she has no separation anxiety trates outher than shaking…she’s a rescue dog was burned with cigarettes ect.. I managed to talk them out of her and we’ve been best friends.who rescued who ??

  2. Dean says:

    Pee Wee , Wee for short He’s one of a kind he is 11 1/2 years old don’t let the name fool you

  3. Lynn says:

    My little guys name is Sasquatch. They gave that name to him at the shelter. I almost changed it. But it fits his huge personality.

  4. Carmen basilisco says:

    My chihuahuas are a family their names are. Chico 4.0 lb, Lady, 5.2 lb father and mother cheech 5.2lb, Chong,17.6lb two males I have no idea why Chong is so big. I feed all them same amount of food

  5. Diana LeBlanc says:

    We stayed simple, Minnie and Buddy. We thought about calling Minnie, Lena,,, because she is a tri pod. Son call Buddy, Black Dog because he is black with a tux front.

  6. Wyattfla says:

    My girls name is Loretta. Yes Loretta Lynn. That’s the name she come to me with.

  7. Susan says:

    Lucy Matilda- Lucy was my fav actress and Matilda (from the movie “Matilda “) fit her circumstances. I adopted her from a shelter at 5 months old, they had found her wandering a parking lot in dire need of health care. She now has a very loving mommy and all the toys and food!

  8. Teresa Platfoot says:

    My dogs names are nacho and Chico.

  9. Emily says:

    My is named Mojo aka joey

  10. Angie says:

    My dogs name is (little man) they gave him that name at the shelter because he was the runt

  11. Bea Doran says:

    We have Diablo…D for short. Trust me shes is quite the lil devil.

  12. Marsha says:

    Great my little guy Boo Boo made the list… my chihuahua


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