A historic market town is under siege by a pair of chihuahuas who have been ganging on other pets. The “scary duo” even bullied a police dog.

The two dogs are so unpleasant a former police German Shepherd was attacked by the dogs. Reportedly, he is still scared of them.

Another person walking his two 65lb dogs was charged by the two dogs. The pair of Chihuahuas ran straight at them in Corsham, Wiltshire.

Councillor Ruth Hopkinson said she’d had several complaints about the dogs.

The Infamous Pair of Chihuahuas

She said: ‘I got a call from a resident who’d had a very unpleasant encounter with a couple of dogs. This happened the high street where they were off-leash.

‘They were little dogs. The man who called up has an ex-police dog, he’s a German Shepherd, so a big dog.

‘There were two unpleasant chihuahuas who attacked the German Shepherd, so the size of a dog is no reflection on their aggressiveness.

‘Apparently, it’s not the first time they have behaved in an aggressive fashion.

‘They weren’t leashed, and the owner thought they’re only little, they’re only friendly. But you have to be really careful.’

pair of chihuahuas, Pair of Chihuahuas Terrorize City & Bully Police Dog
The idyllic streets of Corsham are being terrorised by a pair of chihuahuas

Livestock in Danger

Dr Jeffrey O’Dwyer described them as ‘bloody Mexican hooligans’ while the council is concerned about livestock.

Cllr Hopkinson said: ‘If in a lambing field please keep to the paths and your dog on a leash. The dogs may just be “playing”, but that’s not how the sheep see it.

‘When they’re spooked, the ewe and lamb can become separated and (because they’re not very bright creatures) they can’t find each other, and it is leading to lamb deaths.

‘What is happening is that people are just taking their dogs off the leash and letting them do whatever.

‘Obviously, in lambing season we’ve got little ones, ewes and they’re all flighty animals, and I wouldn’t say that these dogs are necessarily worrying the sheep and biting their ankles and that sort of thing.

‘It’s more that they’re just running wild and spooking the sheep – they go in one direction, the lambs go in another and apparently they sometimes find it difficult to find each other and the lambs die.’

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