Many people have different ways of spending their hard-earned income. Some spend it on themselves, while others prefer to use it for their children’s needs. On the other hand, there are pet lovers who splurge on their sausage dogs, just like Harriet.

Harriet is a proud dog walker and a doting mother of five sausage dogs who has become a social media star.

Harriet dresses up her dachshund dogs in adorable matching outfits and shares their antics on social media. However, this kind of luxury does not come cheap, and Harriet admits to spending a “small fortune” every month on Ivy, Button, Duke, Missy, and Apple.

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In fact, she spends around £800 on clothing, treats, toys, furniture, beds, photo shoots, covers, food insurance, and pets.

Sausage Dogs Love Story

Despite the hefty price tag, Harriet has no regrets about her spending. Her sausage dogs are worth “every penny,” she says. “They’re certainly whimsical pooches,” Harriet adds. “We have so many clothes and accessories, toys, and so many things that we do.

We go swimming every week, and they do agility every week too. We never leave the house naked; we have some pretty spectacular fancy-dress costumes. When we go out, people often remark on how good they look.”

Harriet’s love for sausage dogs started ten years ago when she purchased Missy. Missy went on to have two litters of puppies, and Harriet decided to keep one from each, Button and Duke. Duke later found love with a dachshund called Ivy and had his own sausage dog, adding Apple to the family.

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