This story proves that dogs are so loyal. A puppy waited a year for its owners.

As a beloved pet, Noorung was the pet of a couple of South Korean fishermen who lived by the ocean. Since their work requires them to travel to neighbouring islands, Noorung ensures the safety of his master at all times.


Unfortunately, the puppy’s life was close to taking an unexpected turn. His owners were quite aged and were becoming more ill by the day. They need medical assistance, but there is no medical assistance near the world where they live.

Then, at some point, they decided that they ought to move to an area with accessible medical facilities, which was further far away from their current home. Also they left, devastated that they had to leave Noorung behind as they knew they wouldn’t be ready to look out for him in the new place.

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The puppy waited for his owners every day, without fail, at the shores of that rocky island.


Therefore, he didn’t mind the breeze, so he decided not to go to the ocean. Soon enough, he stopped going to the sea. Not because he realized his fate, but because he stayed on the island amidst the massive rocks. Residents of the island started noticing Noorung and were concerned for him.

They would try to leave some food and drink behind and walk off so that he could eat because as soon as he sees someone approaching him, he runs away in fear. This went for one long year. Things started getting worse when dogs from the neighbourhood would come around and begin attacking him.


He would try the maximum amount he could, but it had been becoming a big issue, so the residents had to tell his former owners of his condition. They were heartbroken upon hearing the news, but there wasn’t much they might do. They decided that Noorung should be rescued and delivered to the vet.


In anticipation of Noorung’s aversion to humans, he was shot with a tranquillizer and brought to a nearby veterinary centre. Much to the veterinarian’s delight, Noorung was in excellent condition, his health was good, and he had not sustained any injuries.

For the time being, the puppy was chained since they feared he might return to the island if freed.

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